Feel the full power of the force with this nifty collection of the epic galaxy spanning spoof spectacular. In a million years’ time, when Socrates, Shakespeare and the Bible have long been forgotten, only two major works will live on: the epic science fiction film Star Wars (which will all obviously have come true) and the stop-motion animation Robot Chicken, packed to the brim with the silly jokes of Adult Swim (which hopefully won’t have come true). This is legendary intellectual humour. Dance with Darth Vader, watch Emperor Palpatine struggle with escalators and gain an all new respect for Gary the Stormtrooper while you chuckle with the subtlety of a Wookiee with diarrhoea avoiding those repulsive Ewoks. Preserve and cherish this box set, and then bury it in a digital time capsule. Future generations will thank you, not personally of course, you’ll be long gone.

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