Originally filmed at the Sydney Opera House, that recording was destined to never be released. “It wasn’t quite right and I didn’t like my outfit” said Flanagan, knowing exactly what audiences find important. So the show was re-recorded, at The Orange Civic Theatre. “Excellent show”, said Flanagan, “but again, I didn’t really like my outfit...” However, this time, commonsense has prevailed (read: management has stepped in and drawn the line). After all, it’s not about bedazzled cardigans, or pants that don’t quite fit anymore because someone ate too many pies over winter, it’s about the funnies. It’s all about the funnies. Charming & Alarming is the definitive collection of Flanagan’s best standup, performed in a sparkly cardigan and ill fitting trousers. It’s a rapid fire 60 minutes of cracking stories, wizard* characterisations and hard laughs. There’s also a touch of musical spectacle... if you count a very funny song about underpants as musical spectacle. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, at long last, would you please welcome – KITTY FLANAGAN!

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