All episodes available on July 30 - "Wrong Man" is a six-episode series, from acclaimed award-winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Paradise Lost Trilogy), examining inmates' cases who have been incarcerated for decades but who claim they're innocent. Three cases are re-investigated, each over the course of two episodes, with the help of an esteemed and engaging group of experts: a renowned civil rights attorney, a former prosecutor, a retired NCIS investigator, and a member of Detroit's elite Homicide Task Force. Together, they are joined by local investigators who take us on a journey for the truth, to hunt for new evidence, track down witnesses, interview often-reluctant law enforcement, and speak with the families of the incarcerated. "Wrong Man" digs relentlessly into each case, going beyond questions about the guilt or innocence of the three men. Academy Award® nominated and Emmy® Award winning filmmaker Berlinger continues to dedicate his filmmaking career to exposing abuses and problems in the criminal justice system.

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