For her 70th birthday, Mim Morgenstein (Miriam Margolyes, Rake) asks her adult daughter Fran (Frog Stone, No Offence) to drive them across the countryside for ‘the mini-break they never had’. Fran obliges, but no good deed goes unpunished. After a childhood dream is ruined, Fran vows never to go anywhere with her mother again, but Mim has a devastating trump card up her sleeve – she’s dying. And there’s no way Mim is going to sit at home and wait for death.
Fran’s mother has compiled a ‘bucket list’ of adventures she simply must go on before she dies. This is Mim’s dream and Fran’s nightmare but it’s now or never for this mother-daughter duo, so Fran reluctantly agrees to help. Hell, she may even lose her virginity along the way.
Irreverent and involving, this riotous comedy about mortality, love and family has a lot of mouth, some trousers and plenty of heart.

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