After just a year of marriage, the immaculate life Georgina (Julia Stiles) has quickly become intoxicated by is blown apart when her art collector husband Constantine is killed in an explosion aboard the yacht of a Russian oligarch and arms dealer. Believing there to be more to the tragedy, she sets out to uncover what happened. Dark truths about Constantine’s dealings emerge and, as she begins to realise who she was really married to, Georgina enters a spiral of moral descent as she becomes immersed in a world of lies, double-dealing and criminality. In order to maintain the Clios’ legendary Côte d’Azur mansion and protect the family and its fortune, she will have to learn to adapt, survive and ultimately thrive in her dangerous new reality. But as she first proved back in her days as a fine-art scholar in the US, she’s an A-plus student…

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Where is season 2!

Long time to wait! On free to air over a year!

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Phenomenal frocks & locations!

A delicious taste of life among the bored disfunctional billionaires who summer on the riviera. The art, the parties, the clothes, the... killers! Hope a season 2 is planned. Won’t be the same without Ramsay Bolton though. I could watch him be knifed till the cows come home... I must not be alone, it’s the only explanation for the weird finale to this season.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this show!

Amber Lee 83
I really hope they continue this tv show. I stumbled upon it and watched an episode and was hooked, I kept wanting to watch more!
I hope they continue the show with a season 2

Oh dear!

You don't really want a review
The scenery is certainly superb. The cast generally were very stong. But seriously...that ending is just so BAD!! The honest cop should have got a look-in at the end. And if we're to have any sympathy for Georgina, she just can't become a killer. The scriptwriter has got sucked into the 'mob mentality'! Shame.


This is a must watch tv series the location is spectacular, so awesome specially Ms. Stiles.