Steven’s got a lot on his plate – he and Peridot have to stop the cluster, protect the earth against enemies old and new, and all the residents of Beach City seem to have problems that need Steven’s help! There are still things about his family, his powers, and the gems that Steven doesn’t know. But don’t worry, there’s still time to sing!

Customer Reviews

Please release more.

We are six volumes behind the rest of the world. This is getting absurd.

Make more

Make more make more make more make more make more make more make more make more make more make more make more make more thanks for listening

Something for Everyone

Ayame Sohma
Steven Universe is aimed at kids, but adults can enjoy it as well. There are some surprisingly mature themes in this series.

Hell... its about time

Better late than never. To those who dont know. This season only has 10 episodes unlike the previous ones... and to the Australian community who waited so long to buy this season in order to support SU.. u are not alone. :3

Why so expensive?

I don't know if I'm missing something, but this volume is the most expensive, yet it has the least amount of episodes, and Hit the Diamond is packaged by itself! Other than that, it's of course a wonderful show and I'm still willing to fork out the extra money