After the shocking revelations of the first season, "12 Monkeys" returns for a second season as time traveler Cole continues his decades-spanning journey to prevent a deadly plague from wiping out all of mankind. Due to an unforeseen paradox, Cole finds himself unable to travel back in time. Meanwhile, Jennifer appears to be on the brink of unleashing the deadly virus. Every action has history-altering potential in this mind-bending race against time.

Customer Reviews

Best show!

Such a great show, which you can connect with on multiple levels! Always keeping you on your toes!

Enthralling the whole Series!

I enjoyed the first season but the second season was amazing.
Really great story telling and so many things from the first season coming together and making sense.
It was wonderful I can't wait for Season 3.

Amazing Show

Bradley Wellard
Simply put a great show! interesting characters’ unique storylines and the cast have amazing chemistry and all play their parts so well I look forward to the to every episode!

Love this show

So much better then the movie!