Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup use their extraordinary superpowers to take down mischievous monkeys, fiendish fashionistas, punkish packrats and any other danger that threatens the city of Townsville. Together, the Powerpuff Girls prove they can overcome any challenge, from unlawful lumberjacks to—yikes!—the first day of school.

Customer Reviews


Aussie Horse Rider
Do not waste your time with this show... If you do want to watch The Power Puff girls watch the old show. I'm mean they couldn't even get the original voice actors... ☹️ or go watch Steven Universe!! That's an amazing show!!!!!! If I could give this show negative stars I would.

The New Powerpuff Girls

I used to watch the old Powerpuff Girls when it was on TV, and I am happy that Cartoon Network decided to bring them back. I am glad they did not stick to the weird animation they used in the 2013 Dance Pantsed special … I really like the theme song for the new 2016 series as well. So keen on seeing the whole season when it’s available here !


Heaps of crazy
free first episode pretty cool like this remake much even know it's a kid show I enjoyed it GREAT SHOW AND ITS FREE