They’ve just won the lottery, now Lebanese-Australian family the Habibs are moving from the ‘burbs into Australia’s richest suburb and living the Aussie dream. But to their new neighbours, the old-money O’Neills, this means war! O’Neill matriarch and Bonza Biscuit heiress, Olivia, is convinced the Habibs have made their fortune through illegal means. Habib patriarch, Fou Fou - a carport builder – only wants what’s best for his family but soon finds himself locking horns with Olivia. Before long their spouses and children are caught in the cross fire of a feud that only one family can survive. Meanwhile, Fou Fou’s wife Mariam is intent on becoming part of her glamorous and wealthy new community. Mariam tries to create peace, and strikes up an unlikely friendship with Olivia’s henpecked husband, Jack. The children are soon acquainted too. Elias Habib – straight-laced university student – has his heart set on next door neighbour, ‘it’ girl Madison O’Neill. Layla Habib – social media obsessed high school student – exploits her new life hoping to become a social media starlet. And eldest brother Toufic – a wannabe entrepreneur. The Habib’s great Aussie dream is to make a better life for their family. Olivia O’Neill reckons the best thing for her family will be ridding themselves of the Habibs. For both families, it’s a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’ in this fish-out-of-water story which brings a fresh comic perspective to multicultural Australia. Here Come The Habibs is the boldest Australian comedy in decades. Yalla!

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