Get ready for mayhem and mischief in this set of hilarious and ridiculous adrenaline-pumping escapades with the Rabbids! The Rabbids invasion has begun and they never neglect to drive innocent bystanders out of their mind! Their classic disruptions vary from disturbing an old man’s window-cleaning and driving an annoyed hitchhiker crazy to inadvertently causing commotion for a hunky lifeguard and wreaking havoc on mallgoers and workers in a supermall! Give the Rabbids even an ordinary item and they will cause chaos! Everything from a vending machine and a photo booth kiosk to a drive-thru intercom and an alarm clock is a new and exciting discovery for the Rabbids! Don’t miss when the Rabbids cause a scene in an art museum, try desperately to get frozen food boxes out of a grocery store, interfere with a wedding, run amuck in an airport and more!

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