OH. MY. GOD! Look at the results you can get with Lauren’s OMG! Workout. EX-Towie star Lauren Goodger has finally won her battle of the blubber with these intense 5 minute routines. "I’ve lost 4 stone in weight -- and dropped 5 dress sizes!" Now Lauren and her trainers Emma and Lisa show you how to burn off up to 6 pounds a week with… FAST FAT LOSS MOVES -- featuring 'plyo-dynamics’ -- an exciting new system of explosive exercises which torch your fat stores-- super quick! FIVE MINUTE ROUTINE -- start slow and build up to all 10! EXTRA WORKOUT -- burn even more fat with this bonus routine! FAST FIX DIET -- speed up your weight loss with Lauren’s easy eating plan! "I never thought I’d beat yo-yo dieting but this DVD had done it for me. After even a week you’ll see results!!"

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