“Community” is a smart, exuberant comedy that is consistently ranked as one of the most inventive and original half-hours on television. This ensemble comedy centers around a tight-knit group of friends who all met at what is possibly the world’s worst educational institution – Greendale Community College.

Customer Reviews

Community at its Heart

Community has had its ups and downs. Troy and Pierce leaving, followed closely by Shirley. Dan Harmon being fired as well. However, in season 6, community is how community should be. It also has its ups and downs but the overall is perfection. The last episode left everyone I know in tears, while still being the best comedy possible. Let's only hope for #andamovie!


fredward's impala
Community's new life on yahoo unleashes Dan Harmon's ultimate potential, which is quite evident and definitely rewarding. While there are remaining damages due to the previous exits of amazing cast members, the show lives on in all its glory. Even if Troy isn't there... A must watch nonetheless, you will not be disappointed if - especially if you're a mega fan, like me(surprise surprise)