The fifth series picks up with Jane (Elliott) frantically searching for her missing fiancé Owen (Medlin), who disappeared after witnessing her kiss Grayson (Hurst) moments before their wedding. While both Jane and Owen nurse their broken hearts, Jane’s friends and co-workers also are confronted with their own life dilemmas. Kim (Levering) goes public with her pregnancy at the firm as Grayson continues to struggle with his feelings for Jane. Meanwhile, Stacy (Bowlby) is left contemplating the future of her business, The Pakery. Newcomer Justin Deeley (90210) joins "Drop Dead Diva" as Jane’s new heavenly guide Paul, stepping in for Luke (Carter McIntyre) when he is called back to Heaven just after telling her that Old Jane has returned to earth. Now that Jane and Old Jane are both on earth, the two kindred spirits will finally meet face-to-face, creating one of the most highly anticipated "Drop Dead Diva" moments ever.

Customer Reviews

Where is season6?

Like Hayles631 I enjoy the show too however have been waiting for season 6. Itunes when will you have this available to watch?? It is now on DVD so if Itunes doesn't release this soon I may have to go elsewhere.

Where is season 6???

I really enjoy this show and would love to see season 6 come to iTunes. I have noticed it play on Foxtel twice over the past 6 or so months so why has it not yet been reaseled to iTunes. Hoping it will be released soon so I can stop checking in case I missed its release.