Changing Minds, a three part documentary, goes inside one of Australia’s biggest and busiest Mental Health Units and follows patients as they, with the help of the staff, work towards regaining their health. Taboos are challenged, stigmas confronted. It’s raw, funny and sometimes uncomfortable. But the message is clear – help is available.

Customer Reviews

Fantastic Series!

I absolutely loved this series, and was very excited when the second season was released! I have purchased both seasons and re-watch them often! Changing Minds provides viewers with an interesting, insightful and respectful inside look at mental health services in Australia.
Please consider producing more episodes, as this will help to continue to de-stigmatise mental illness by raising awareness of something so common, yet so poorly understood.

Amazing series

This series is fantastic. Looking through the window of a community mental health inpatient services, can only help to break the stigma and fear for people who have little insight into how recovery can be, and how much hope there is for healing after trauma.


Studying nursing & have just started a mental health component of it & the teacher showed us a couple of stories from this! Very touching & shows a very detailed look of what it's like to live with a mental illness.