When Billy does not dispose of his gum the right way that pesky thing makes it’s “sticky” way through the house in the yard and even up to space before finally coming to a big messy pop by disrupting the Parade of the Planets! Moral of this story: If you don’t want a sticky situation put your gum in a wrapper and remember to throw it out!/It’s science demonstration day at the Polieville School. Olie and Billy are excited about their magnetizzi –milator while Screwy grumps around behind with his whirl-i-twirl chopper copter. ‘’How is it supposed to be a group project if nobody does what I tell them to?’’ says Screwy. Now they have to learn about cooperation the hard way as Screwy puts a twist on the idea by magnetizing the three boys together! What are they going to do? Why cooperate of course! The boys not only learn to work together but they even enjoy being stuck together!/Olie Billy and Screwy break for a bubbly can of “Zup” during a picnic at the park. As they savor this tasty treat they soon get the burpies and start to have a little too much fun with it. Despite a warning from Mom the boys find themselves burping their heads right off way into space where more sticky troubles await.