The teams and their coaches react to the latest fight announcement in their respective locker rooms. The fighters for the upcoming bout feel confident in their ability to come out victorious. Back at the house, last episode’s loser struggles with the agonizing pain of defeat while his teammates try to console him. As the competition heats up, Conor goes back to the gym to work with his fighters. Having a very clear idea of how the next fight will unfold, Conor devotes his practice to a series of mat exercises and grappling drills. Meanwhile, during Team USA practice, Urijah expresses concern over his next fighter’s technical abilities. He works hard with him in the cage, doing his best to get him ready in a very limited amount of time. The fighters get a much-needed night out and meet up with the coaches at a sushi restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. They let loose in a jovial atmosphere and enjoy good food and libations while reflecting on their amazing experience thus far. However, as the days pass, it becomes clear that not all competitors seem to be relishing their time on The Ultimate Fighter. American Chris Gruetzemacher reveals to his teammate that he is unhappy and ready to be done with the competition. The time finally comes for the fourth preliminary fight and both fighters give it their all in the cage. After Urijah and Conor exchange their usual friendly banter, the winning coach picks the matchup for the fifth preliminary fight, which promises to be quite a fierce stand up battle.