Conor McGregor shows up for the evening practice and is very hands on with technique with his team, then focuses on getting his fighter ready for the second preliminary fight. Conor emphasizes that patience is most important and has his fighter go through sequences that will help him come out victorious. On the other side, Urijah Faber trains his American fighter, who gave his opponent a beating during his elimination fight and is confident he will win. One of the European fighter's shares the story of how he overcame a health condition at an early age that crippled him, and had to learn to walk again leading to his decision to pursue MMA. Later, Urijah Faber and his assistant coaches stop by the house to watch the fights on TV as his friend TJ Dillashaw's defends the belt against Renan Barao. The tension rises between the coaches during the weigh in, as Conor tries to get under Faber's skin and tells him he should fight TJ Dillashaw. The second preliminary fight takes place and one of the coaches completely loses it when his fighter refuses to listen to his commands and does exactly the opposite. At the end of the fight, one coach confronts the other for his behavior and gives him a piece of advice. One team remains in control of the fight pick and the third preliminary fight is announced. Two eager fighters step forward and face off.