Sixteen European fighters and sixteen American fighters arrive in Las Vegas to fight for a chance at fulfilling their dreams of entering the UFC. Representing countries such as Russia, Sweden, France, and England, the Europeans face off against each other in the most important bouts of their lives. The fighters from all across America are paired as well, and the winners of all matches will move on to form Team McGregor and Team Faber and compete for a six-figure contract with the UFC and a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Coaching the US team is former WEC champion and owner of Team Alpha Male, Urijah Faber, and coaching the European team is current interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor. Exploding onto the American fight scene after conquering Ireland, Conor won his title in a fight against Urijah's teammate, Chad Mendes, creating a tense rivalry between himself and Urijah. As they watch the elimination fights along side Dana White, the two coaches banter with one another while studying the moves of their future understudies. Once the sixteen contenders have been determined, Dana flips a coin to determine who will pick the first American and European to fight each other in the first preliminary matchup. It's the beginning of a wild ride to see who are the better fighters- Americans or Europeans. The fighters will enter the next step of this mentally and physically challenging experience by moving into a house together while they all train in hopes of becoming the next ultimate fighter.