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#1 Malobi Sinha, Poet and Writer

#1 Malobi Sinha, Poet and Writer

Making of a poet and succeeding as a writer
Time: 48:50
Malobi Sinha is a writer based in Melbourne, with a number of prose and poetry writings and books to her name.  Her books have been published by Cresco Books, Poseidon Books and also self-published on Amazon.  Amazon lists 10 books written by her.
Malobi S Sinha was born in India, spent early childhood in Kenya and her family migrated to Australia when she was in Primary School. 
Rajeev Arora talks to Malobi about finding her voice through poems, maturing as a poet and getting published and finally combining with social media practice for commercial success. 
Find out more about Malobi and her work:
www.malobisinha.com (website)www.malobisinha.wordpress.com (Blog)https://youtube.com/channel/UCRtTk2hrFoZ_Wn4Mc7hh8jQ (Link to Taal YouTube Channel)https://crescobooks.gumroad.com/ (Find Malobi's books here)www.ghaf.org.au (Social Media work by Malobi)
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About the founder and host, Rajeev Arora
Rajeev has been a resident of Melbourne since 1989. He brings a track record of being a writer of prose and poetry, editing literary magazines, and founder and host of the Indian Community Program, Geetanjali on Radio 3ZZZ in 1992. An IT professional in day to day life, he is a keen and wide reader, and has a wide taste in music, ranging from diverse music from the Indian subcontinent and western culture. Born a Punjabi, brought up in a Hin di speaking environment, he has explored cultures and writings from various cultures and languages within India and globally.
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