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Netflix Part 2

Netflix Part 2

Time: 1:15:31
Katelyn and Oliver revisit the Netflix/Dave Chappelle controversy with an in-depth interview with the two trans employees most affected by the fallout. Joining the show are B. Pagels-Minor, who was fired by Netflix after helping to organize the company’s trans employee walkout, and Terra Field, who was briefly suspended after a Twitter thread of hers criticizing the company’s decision-making around Chappelle’s special went viral.
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Release Date: 28/10/2021, 18:00:00


The pearl clutching about “cancel culture” and “censorship” has become louder and more absurd while also getting more and more play in the media. Journalists Katelyn Burns and Oliver-Ash Kleine see this panic for what it is though: a grift. They take a closer look at these temper tantrums, dispelling myths, laughing at the most outrageous takes, and shedding light on which perspectives are actually being suppressed and left out of the conversation.
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