Eleanor Duckworth’s ideas contained in these timeless essays are more important than ever to the public discourse on education. They are a much-needed antidote to many of today’s school reform practices, where a number is accepted as an adequate representation of a student’s learning. While touching on many subjects—from science, math, and poetry to learning, teaching, thinking, evaluation, and teacher education—each of these essays supports the author’s deeply felt belief that “the having of wonderful ideas is the essence of intellectual development.”
The revised Third Edition of this indispensable classic on Piaget and teaching features a new introduction, a new chapter on critical exploration in the classroom, and a renewed belief in the need to educate children about peace and social justice.
Praise for Previous Editions!
“A classic-to-be.”
“A striking example of how Piaget’s work could well be applied to education—to advantage and with delight.”
—School Psychology International
“As she explains in her inspiring account of the exhilarating process of teaching and learning, now we all have the opportunity to create wonderful ideas.”
—Educational Leadership
“Admirably confirms Eleanor Duckworth’s ability to express complex ideas and profound insights with clarity, good sense, and relevance for classroom practice.”
—The Journal of Educational Thought
Eleanor Duckworth is Professor of Education at Harvard University. She worked with Jean Piaget for more than two decades, as a student and colleague.

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