Across the Imperium and beyond, many hear the Call of Chaos. The Dark Gods touch many minds, and few can resist their clarion call. Even amongst the mighty Space Marines, there are many who have fallen into the lure of the Ruinous Powers. In the Eye of Terror and the Maelstrom, they battle amongst themselves for power, glory and followers, before launching raids on the Imperium they once strove to protect. This collection contains twelve stories aabout champions of Chaos and those who stand against them
The stories included are:
Divine Will
In Wolves' Clothing
Black Iron
A Song for the Lost
Blood and Iron
Glory from Chaos
Midnight Rotation
Without Fear
The Staff of Asclepius
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From the tale of a Vindicare Assassin and a single bullet that changes the fate of a world, to the machinations of the Iron Warriors and a tale from the darkest days of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, this collection of Warhammer 40,000 stories gives unparalleled insight into the many servants of Chaos and the brave souls who stand against them.

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