For centuries the art of spellcrafting was passed down with deep secrecy. Even now, with more magick books available, many of the real secrets are only handed down privately. You MIGHT find a book of spells, cast one, and even get a good result. You can find dictionaries that will tell you the meaning of stones, colors or herbs, but there's a surprising lack of detail or explanation. Few books, if any, discuss how spells work and exactly how to create one - why they function or why they flop.
Some folks would like you to believe that magick and spellcrafting are complicated, however the basic principles of magick are surprisingly simple. With a bit of practice and creativity you can master these principles.
Written as if you were taking an actual course with a master magician, SpellCraft Secrets gives you the basics you need to create your own original spells and to understand spells from other books so that you can customize them to your needs.
Crafting your own spells and understanding how and why they work will give you a sense of personal power, which will enhance and strengthen your magick and make you more likely to create real results in the real world. With all that to gain, why use somebody else's spell casting services when you can craft your own spells that really work?
What's New In the Second Edition:
Whole new chapters and appendixes on:
Imagination and its link with magick..
Magickal Stances, mudras (hand gestures) and sigils, including the pentagram.
How to make and utilize an Astral candle.
Earth-safe magick.
An expanded chapter on Ethics and Karma, including a section on what to do when you're tempted to do negative magick.
Added a section on Numbers.
New Exercises.
Updated, expanded and clarified every chapter.
New and updated graphics.
Many other features that didn't appear in the First edition.

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