Leaving Virginia and the security of her grandparents’ property, Emery finally gets to face Asher again. Their reunion is nothing short of raging hormones in spectacular fashion as they strengthen the bond that has been stretched too thin. 
Now that Devlin has become a member of their pack, they vow to keep a tighter hold on their friends and loved ones keeping them safe from the attackers. Life is slowly returning to normal as Asher puts Julian in his place regarding Emery, except now sightings of a wild dog are circulating town.
In this final installment of Season 2 of Lupo Legacy, Emery and the pack search town for the group responsible for threats made against her and turning Devlin into a wolf. 
But when Emery is kidnapped in broad daylight she didn’t expect one of the attackers to be someone she trusted with her whole heart and causing such fear and pain that it can only be described as the…
 Ultimate Betrayal 

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