This multitouch book encompasses a raft of support material to guide and nurture schools and teachers embarking on the 1:1 iPad journey. It will give you an insight into how our school  provides opportunities for quality teaching and learning which is enhanced and made more powerful by the use of the iPad. We are a New Zealand Primary School and an Apple Distinguished School, currently the only Primary School in New Zealand to hold this title.
The book includes teacher reflection throughout, examining the 8 key opportunities we provide for our learners and then the ‘Top Ten Tips and Techniques from Teachers’ - New Entrant (Elementary) through to Year 6. 
The book is also jammed packed with actual ‘products’ created by our students and alongside them each learning opportunity is supported with the learning objectives and the process.
The book ends with teacher and student reflection on what they feel is the ‘One Best thing’ about being 1:1.

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