Perfect for fans of Run and The Remaining, this is a short story in an action-packed series that is impossible to put down!
The top priorities in Gloria’s life are her three children, followed by her boyfriend Roger, who is more than happy to be the father figure her children desperately need. But this illusion of stability shatters when Roger tries to help an injured man at the boardwalk in Virginia Beach. Instead of being grateful, the man viciously attacks him. When Gloria and her son arrive at the hospital with Roger, they realize this is no isolated incident. The city is quickly becoming overrun with violence fueled by a mysterious infection. Does Gloria have what it takes to stay alive?
This title is stand alone. It can be read before, in the middle of, or after the other books in the series.
The Seven Cities Saga
1. Survival in the Seven Cities
2. Fall of the Seven Cities
3. Exodus from the Seven Cities

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