Kelly Brozyna, the spirited personality behind the enormously popular food blog  The Spunky Coconut, brings you 150 easy Paleo family favorites--with all the pluck and liveliness her readers have come to love.
As a busy mom of three who has been feeding her family a restricted diet for multiple health reasons, Kelly understands the challenges of preparing healthy meals daily. Having nearly a decade of experience in gluten-free dairy-free cooking and baking, Kelly presents scores of creative meals using time saving-techniques essential to anyone wanting to make healthy eating easier. 
Also inside:
- How to maximize your results with efficient meal planning.
- Useful strategies for making the most of every ingredient.
- Several make-ahead dry mixes for all sorts of baked goods, including pizza & bread, pancakes & muffins, scones & pie crust, making for fast and easy weeknight baking. 
- Tips and tricks for optimizing health and soothing stress.
- How to get your kitchen organized and save money.

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