This explosive, evidence-based book is the most shocking, revealing, yet factual work written on the 1997 Paris car crash that took the lives of Princess Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed. Diana Inquest: Who Killed Princess Diana? includes evidence showing the assassination of Princess Diana was carried out by the British intelligence agency, MI6, on orders from senior members of the British royal family. Sensational new revelations include documentary and witness evidence which demonstrates that the top three MI6 officers in Paris were replaced by more senior officers in the days immediately prior to the Paris crash. Analysis of testimony from MI6 officers reveals they lied repeatedly during their inquest cross-examinations. There is strong evidence of MI6 involvement in two failed assassination plots against high-profile world leaders in the 18 month period leading up to the successful Diana assassination This book also exposes Rosa Monckton – wife of former newspaper editor, Dominic Lawson – as an MI6 agent who spied on Princess Diana. Who Killed Princess Diana? covers the role of the Queen and senior royals in the deaths. It reveals evidence of a special rescheduled meeting of the royal Way Ahead Group – chaired by the Queen – being held just 39 days before Princess Diana was assassinated. Analysis of the inquest testimony of the private secretaries of the Queen and Prince Philip shows they both lied about the nature and content of Way Ahead Group meetings. This volume – the fifth in the Diana Inquest series – also includes evidence showing that British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, had prior knowledge of the assassination of Princess Diana. The book reveals how the inquest judge, Lord Justice Scott Baker, deliberately prevented his jury from being able to piece together the evidence that could have allowed them to understand the roles played by MI6 and the royal family in the deaths of Diana and Dodi The Diana Inquest series of books is based on forensic analysis of the testimony heard during the 2007-08 inquest, and also on evidence from the British police investigation that was withheld from the inquest jury. A leading UK QC, Michael Mansfield, who served throughout the six months of the London inquest, has stated “I have no doubt that the volumes written by [John Morgan] will come to be regarded as the ‘Magnum Opus’ on the crash ... that resulted in the unlawful killing of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed and the cover-up that followed.” Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al Fayed has said: “I believe that John Morgan has done more to expose the facts of this case than the police in France and Britain.”

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