TechPsychers control Earth and its sister planets. They persecute the Naturals and their continual disappearance is unexplained. Thorn is part of an off-world resistance. His small band of Naturals, known as the Psychic Knights, have been successful in rescuing the persecuted over the last hundred years, but his frustrations to improve his psychic powers and desire to rescue more Naturals leads him on a mission that goes against his normal strict planning regime. The outcome is almost fatal.
Thorn is rescued and finds that the effects of the psychic bomb had altered his mind in such a way that through training over the next thirty years his psychic powers increase.
Towards the end of his training Thorn discovers his four brothers are still alive and sets off to reunite the Psychic Knights and with his new powers bring an end to the TechPsychers rule.
This is the first book in the Psychic Knights series.

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