Join Luke Nguyen and discover the fusion of French and Vietnamese cuisine with 15 recipes from the Dalat region, selected from Luke's new book Indochine - Baguettes and bánh mì, finding France in Vietnam.
The French colonisation of Vietnam, which lasted for nearly one hundred years, had a profound influence on Vietnamese lifestyle, architecture and cuisine. Chef and author Luke Nguyen revisits his beloved Vietnam to delve deeper into the culinary legacy left by the French.
Against a backdrop of grand colonial hotels, Luke explores the impact the French had on what the Vietnamese eat and cook today. 15 recipes from the Dalat region showcase the fusion of French and Vietnamese ingredients and techniques Luke uncovers on his journey.
Recipes in this title include:
Chargrilled Beef and Asparagus Mustard Rolls, Green Mango and Pomelo Salad with Soft Shell Crab, Quail Cooked in Orange and Coconut Water, Pumpkin Flowers Stuffed with Prawns and Dill, Rabbit in Red Wine, Beef Tongue Slow-braised in Red Wine, Coq au Vin, Heart of Palm and Tomato Salad with Vietnamese Herbs, Dalat Artichoke and Pork Rib Soup, Wok-tossed Cabbage with Garlic, Warm Beef and Watercress Salad, Asparagus Wok-tossed with Asian Mushrooms, Caramelised Pork Belly with Quail Eggs, Baguette with Steamed Pork Balls, and Green Tea-smoked Duck.
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