Broadswords, Bayonets and B-52s highlights some of the iconic episodes in military history, in sixteen brief, riveting and informative stories from across the ages.
As one can tell by the diverse range of weapons represented in the title of this book, the art of warfare has undergone major changes over the millennia. What hasn’t changed though are the fundamentals of warfare—the brilliant strategists, the heroic acts of courage and the ultimate death and destruction. Broadswords, Bayonets and B-52s is a fascinating collection of sixteen of the most iconic moments in military history across the ages.
All titles in the Short History series:
The Clash of History's Titans
Fame & Infamy
Turning the Tide of Battle
Obscure Events that Shaped the World
The War of Words
When the World Stood Still
Settlements of the Doomed
Journeys of Discovery
Amazons & Hellcats
Broadswords, Bayonetes and B-52s
Good Girls Don't Make History

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