When Colin Farquharson refused to sell the horse called Mogollon to Beatrice, Vicomtesse de Brioude, her husband swore to make him change his mind. To help him enforce his will upon the Scot, the Vicomte had a bunch of hired killers and a dozen cavalrymen commanded by an ambitious lieutenant besotted by the voluptuous Vicomtesse. Against them, the Scot had ten Mexican mesteneros and three Texas cowhands not yet twenty years of age. They were Ole Devil Hardin’s newly-formed floating outfit. Mark Counter, a handsome blond giant with the strength of a Hercules and a brace of real fast guns. The Ysabel Kid, baby-faced but deadly expert in the use of a Winchester rifle or a bowie knife. And their leader. Small, insignificant in appearance, he looked more like the horse-wrangler than the segundo of the biggest ranch in Texas. His name was Dusty Fog.
Although the Vicomte did not know it, taking the horse called Mogollon would be far from as easy as he imagined.

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