Action, terror and a heroine with second sight! You'll find all of that and more in White Witch. This novella opens Lyn Horner's award-winning Texas Devlins series.
Jessie Devlin is what her Irish ancestors might call a "white witch." She has a disturbing ability to glimpse the future. When she foresees Chicago on fire, it's a soul-searing experience. Far worse is the terrible night in 1871 when she and her family and thousands of Chicagoans run for their lives from the towering flames. Worst of all are the horrific nightmares Jessie suffers for months after the destruction.
However, when Jessie’s dreams suddenly begin showing her a strange man with gentle, loving eyes who saves her from a fiery death, she becomes convinced they are destined to meet and fall in love. But will her father give her time to find her dream hero or will he force her into marriage with the wrong man? How can she save herself from such a fate?

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