Who doesn’t like perfumes? Who doesn’t use them?
There are hundreds of perfume brands found on the market and everyday new perfume is released for sale. We all enjoy smelling them, trying to guess what the flavor is from. There are different “shades” of flavors. Some of them are stronger and some are tender. The big number of different perfume brands satisfies the needs of each person.
But, have you ever wondered how perfumes are made? I have, and probably all of you too.
It is very possible that you have heard about the ways of making perfumes, using flowers. But, there is much more behind it.
When making a perfume, there are some special supplies needed, such essential oils which give the perfume its fragrance. But, before you rush out and start searching for essential oils and buying them, there are other things you should know first.
Making perfumes is not only essentials oils and flower extracts. There is also a science. So, before you start making your own perfume, you should learn the basics of creating it.
In this book, you will read about the things needed for creating a perfume, where to find them, and some helpful tips and suggestions.
Are you ready to start creating your own perfume? Well, then, let’s start learning.

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