Tears began to roll down my cheeks. He came over to me and wiped them away before gently kissing me. “This is for your own good, Shellie,” he said calmly, looking me in the eye. “If you knew how to control yourself, you wouldn’t be in this position. Now, bend over and pull your pants down. All the way to your ankles. It’s time for you to be spanked.” 
Sexy stories of women being taken in hand by their alpha male husbands. Strong men know exactly what their misbehaving wives need--a good spanking! You’ll be squirming in sympathy for these ladies as they get bent over their husbands’ laps to have their bare bottoms well reddened. But will that be enough to teach them a lesson, or will they continue their naughty ways?
This is a compilation of 8 previously published erotic short stories that contain explicit sexual content.
Stories included are:
Across His Lap, Bottom Bared
A Red Bottom For Lacey
Getting My Bottom Spanked
Nina Needs Her Bottom Spanked
Nina's Bottom Gets Paddled
Smoking Hot
Spanked For Stealing
Spanked In Front of Everyone

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