Learn to homebrew with simple techniques and 60 delicious recipes!
Any homebrewing beginner knows the science of homebrewing can be overwhelming, and without the right knowledge and a strict adherence to best practices, what can start as a good batch of beer can end up being flushed down the drain due to common mistakes that every beginner can make. Idiot's Guides: Homebrewing breaks down the brewing process, step-by-step, and helps you understand how to minimize the risk of a bad batch, maximize your success, and foster the passion and pride that every homebrewer experiences when they brew the perfect beer. From the very basics of the brewing process to more advanced techniques, this A to Z guide will give you everything you need to get started and begin making your own homebrews in no time.
Here's what you'll find inside:
An introduction to all the essential homebrewing basics, including purchasing equipment, setting up your home brewery, recordkeeping, and cleaning and sanitizing
60 fantastic extract and all-grain recipes for IPAs, pilsners, lagers, ales, lambics, and more
Detailed explanations of all the key ingredients in the brewing process, including malt, hops, yeast, and water
Step-by-step instructions for the brewing process - including making wort, fermenting, conditioning, and packaging
Advanced techniques, including troubleshooting, collecting the wort, and harvesting yeast, as well as expert tips for serving and tasting

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