Part One in the Post Apocalypse Series Water Saga
Sisters, Mabel and Tess, live in what remains of southern Appalachia, eking out an existence among a small group of villagers.
Abandoned by their mother, Mabel has been left with the responsibility of raising her sister. Along with this obligation Mabel puts her own life on hold, never allowing herself to take the time to explore her own feelings and needs. This is the only life she has ever known. Then along comes Jack.
The earth has become flooded by never-ending rains. No one knows when the rain started, it has just always been.
There is a legend passed down by the elders of a land with blue skies. Every 2 years the leaders send out a scouting party in search of this legend. Does it exist or is it just a myth? No one knows, so far no one has ever returned.
This book is novelette length. written in the serial format

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