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Millions of drivers have already discovered EasyPark! It's the simplest, fastest and most convenient App to start, stop and extend your parkings. No more coins, over-payment or unnecessary parking fines. What's not to love?
With the popular EasyPark app you can pay for parking using your mobile phone. You now carry the parking meter in your pocket and can start, stop and extend your parking time wherever you are. You no longer have to worry about not getting back to your car on time or paying for parking time you do not use. EasyPark works with most on-street parkings, airports and private parking companies.
How to pay for your parking using the EasyPark app:
1. Enter the area code of the parking.
2. Select your car's registration number.
3. Choose how long you wish to park. Time is approximate and can easily be changed.
4. An SMS is sent out 15 minutes before your chosen end-time so you can remember to extend your parking.
5. The cost of parking is deducted from your credit card.
6. The parking operator will know that you car has been paid for by scanning your number plate.
We offer:
- Payment of parking throughout Europe
- Personal customer service phone number
- Parking history and receipts directly in the app
- Ability to switch between private and business parking
Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. EasyPark has been designed to use GPS and other sensors sparingly.
The cost of our service is 10% of the parking price.
About EasyPark:
We have worked with mobile parking since 2001 and offer our customers a safe and convenient way to pay for their parking at most parking operators and on-street parking in eight European countries. EasyPark is the proud winner of "Mobile Service of the Year" in Finland (2012) in the category "Commercial Services".
For more information, visit our website www.easypark.com.au

What's New in Version 16.4.0

Small improvements & fixes to the Live Activities. By updating, you can ensure that you have the latest masterpiece version of the EasyPark app on your phone - until the next release comes. Keep updated, keep it easy and keep moving!



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iOS 14.0 or later


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Love live activities

Version 16.4.0
Great implementation of the new live activities feature. And the CarPlay app works great. Don’t like paying for parking but happy to use this app

One of the worst apps ever

That nickname is in us3
Version 16.4.0
Keeps losing data and needing credit cards and car details to be re-added.

Unable to close app

I was unable to close the app completely on a 14 Pro Max running ios 16.2. It kept leaving a little banner at the top of the screen even if the app wasn't showing as open.

Parking in the same zone

app developers suck
Version 15.36.0
If I park for the allowed time in a certain zone then return to my car once the time has expired and move to a different spot in the same zone (which is completely legal and fine,) the app won’t allow me to restart my parking and I’m forced to use the meter. This is an oversight by the developer and needs to be remedied.

Great app but needs more payment options

Version 15.20.1
Love the app. I hope more councils in Melbourne will jump on and that you can bring it more interstate. Adelaide was quite thin on participating councils.
One thing I really hope you will do is add Apple Pay and PayPal as payment options. Just Mastercard and Visa is a bit thin on options.

Maintenance Request

Version 15.14.1
This app needs to update its functionality for dynamic island & live activities. It was stuck on my dynamic island regardless of what I attempted to do to rectify the situation. Even a hard restart of the phone didn’t work. In the end I had to uninstall the app & start over. Please fix this.

Great parking app

Version 15.41.0
No one like to pay for parking, but when you have to this app makes it a breeze. Love the count down timer on your Lock Screen.

Twice caused financial scams on my credit card

Version 16.0.0
Last year I updated my payment info in the app to my new credit card. Hours later my bank called to say there was suspicious activity on my credit card (confirmed wasn’t me - a purchase for a Wish gift card, then refunded). This week I updated my credit card in the app and within hours I get called again by my bank advising another suspicious purchase of a Wish gift card (confirmed wasn’t me). Have tried to contact EasyPark and they say it’s a coincidence. I don’t accept that, and have reported to local authorities as well as the council that use their pay stations

Live activities!

Version 15.19.0
Awesome that the developers are quickly adopting the latest features of iOS. Never had an issue with this app, and pleasantly surprised to see the live activities appear on the Lock Screen while parked yesterday.
Only bug bear is the need to tap on my rego every time when 99% of the time it is the same vehicle.

Unless, im sorry if you have to use it.

Version 16.4.0
What an absolute useless app. Doesn’t send a code, doesn’t let me paste from Apple Pay. What the hell is the point. Just don’t make an app if you can’t get basic features to work. Useless.

Super easy

Ivo Andrejco
Version 16.1.0
I downloaded the app, quickly registered my plate number, added mastercard a chose the parking lot, the app offered locations, selected the time and clicked the buy button, all within 1-2 minutes. I think it does what it says and it does it supereasy, thank you

Add payment methods

Version 15.38.0
Only ccard payment method. Where are other options? Apple pay, PayID. Crazy Melbourne council adopts this poor app

Great App

Version 15.37.0
Been using EasyPay for years. Reliable and easy to use. Looks great too.
Just updated for Live Events too which is so useful.

Worst experience

Version 16.2.0
I preferred to taking a ticket from the machine I downloaded this crapy app n started my parking session but it stopped in 5 min of starting the parking I again started it but forgot to check it again n it again stopped after certain minutes n when I came back after 5 hours from my zoo trip I saw infringement notice on my windshield.I said why they put it,I immediately checked the app to close the session but it was already closed few minutes later after starting 2nd time.I sent an review to city council to consider my request but this app people said it was nothing wrong on our side so I paid $90 to get rid of other penalties.Never trust on this easy going apps.n I will never download it again.🙏


Version 15.40.0
my cc is comprised since uploading this app. Now find it is impossible to delete the app. as the delete function is not functioning. Not secure and dodgy.

Continuous ‘Unhandled Error’

Version 10.9
App has a good interface and easy to use…when it works /:(
When I open the app it’s a 50/50 chance that I can successfully book a park. The rest of the time I get ‘Unhandled Error’. When I get this message, I can book a spot and there is some other credit card details listed under the spinning dial!
C’mon app developers, you should be able to release an app without bugs (can send you screenshots of the error messages if you want?)
Very disappointing.


Version 15.35.0
When it works as it should it’s great. However parked today but it would recognise the start screen touch after setting the length of time. I hope I didn’t get booked.

App crashes

Version 10.4.1
No guarantee from the app parking session is valid.

App charges significantly more for parking than the machine

Version 15.39.0
The app charges more for parking then getting a physical ticket from the parking machine. What a joke

cannot redirect back updating commbank card

Version 15.42.0
used to be ok

Drains the phone battery like crazy

no nicknames available 123
Version 15.27.0
Forgot to close the app once. Ran in the background on my iPhone causing my phone to get extremely hot to the touch and I couldn’t figure out what was draining my battery to 0% within hours until I investigated.

Can’t log on

Version 16.3.0
I enter my details, it tells me my registration number is wrong when it’s perfectly fine, so I can’t progress. I close the app to start again, it won’t go past the first screen saying ‘something’s gone wrongz’ when I enter my phone number. I delete and re-install and there’s no change.

Why do I have to renter details?

Version 15.39.1
The App changes colours and this means I have to re-enter all my details? So annoying.

Only works locally!

Version 15.30.0
I think the app is great. Put your location in, set the end time and job done. I was in Sweden in June and tried to use the app but it wouldn’t allow me to start parking! Apparently an Australian account is not valid in Europe so the claim that it’s Europes number 1 parking app is a mute point in Australia. So much for globalisation….,

Overcharged HUGELY !

Ever time I go to use this my details have disappeared , reloaded my credit card and it deducted $50! And then charged me the actual amount , still waiting for refund !! Poor !!

Notifications broken (14 Oct 2022)

I used to love convenience of this app, until the notifications stopped working.
I no longer receive a notification when parking is about to end.
Notifications are turned on in the app, and general iOS settings are allowing notifications from this app. issue has occurred on multiple occasions, most recently 14 October 2022.
It’s clearly an issue with the app, as my partner also has the same issue on her iPhone.

Auto send a tax invoice please

It's a sad world when you have to download an app to park at a place once every few months. And the pay machine is disabled because there is an app.
At the very least sent me a tax invoice for my trouble. Not make me log on to a computer to get the invoice as well as download the app and add my credit card to god knows where.

Easy to use, but could be easier

I always use the EasyPark app when it is available. It is convenient to use and lets you finish parking early to save a few dollars compared to paying at the meter. I received an $80 fine because I selected (this paid for) the wrong car. I was managing two kids in a parking lot, and thought I selected the right car, but the registrations are close together, and I didn’t. If the Vehicle Select screen allowed you to nickname the cars, colour code the background of the registrations, or even split the screen to really separate the registrations, I feel the simple mistake could have been avoided.

Absolute rip off

Paid an extra $1.30 for parking using this app, better off using the pay stations at the parking lot.

Not worth

More expensive than paying at the machine.

Not great

Downloaded the app, created an account, entered my payment details. Searched and found my parking location in the app, picked a parking duration and when trying to finalise things was told by the app that the parking location does not exist.. despite selecting it from the app. Not great. Ended up using another app

The worst app

I have an iPhone and I have entered my car rego for 3 sessions accidentally , all current and cannot delete the sessions. It is the worst parking app I have used. There is no wheel on the Home Screen to end parking sessions. I wouldn’t even give it one star but that’s not an option. I would have paid cash but the machine is out of order.

Doesn't show the price of parking until after it has charged you

I would never have parked at this location or used this app if I'd know I wouldn't be advised of the cost before they charged me. What an absolute con and disgraceful business behaviour


change payment method. it should be pay for what you use, not guess a time in the future and spin a stupid wheel. fix and copy paystay, far superior system

Really bad interface

At least look at your competitor apps to see what they do well. Hard to navigate, hard to get location 100%; hard to get statement etc etc and it goes on! And why continually charge credit card stupidly small amounts. Will use street meter whenever possible …. Really hard for a business and accounting.

Use with caution

Given parking is a monopoly one should not expect much although this software is better than the parking meters it works with (which are appalling examples of poor UI and design. This app is very good at identifying exactly where you are standing. Despite that it seems to identify the wrong parking bay all the time. It is probably only a quirk that it selects bays 60m away that are more expensive. So DO NOT trust the bay number it selects. It should really default to a full screen entry for the bay number. But I put the poor design down to incompetence not maliciousness. I am sure they don’t mean for you to get a parking ticket as well as pay for parking. Otherwise, it is much more useful than their parking machines. Good luck if you use it.

Another terrible parking at that we have to download

Russell Neill
Much like PayStay, this app is another pain in the backside for Melbournites. it’s terrible to use, often buggy and the way it works is dysfunctional.

Can’t Fault It

I have used this app a couple of times now and I can’t fault it.
Easy to set up and use. I like how you don’t have to be at the location to add extra parking time (as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum parking limit).
All parking operators should use this app.

Absolute rubbish!

I did what the instructions said to extend parking and I got a fine! I paid for the park and still got a fine! I want my money back! Absolute scam!

Does not work on gps or license plate

Soo shows to find meter based on gps location. Puts it on and says there are no meters around. Only when you type in the meter number does work.
Enters license plate number of the bike and it says incorrect. I’m assuming the app doesn’t work on bikes or the location it’s plastered on. Disappointed, as if the app doesn’t work in certain locations don’t go plastering the advertisement .

Easy to Use, Easy to Park

It's terrible mate
I find the Easy Park App easy to use and has features better than most.

App only for host country App Store

I live in Australia but travel frequently. The app is in use in other countries, however will not work! Currently in Finland and it is useless. Main problem is Helsinki only use the app and do not have metres.
Update: please read the developers response. This type of small minded thinking is why Australia is so far behind the rest of the world. Just buy a local SIM card and download the app again for local use. And when you go to the next country in EU. Just buy another one. We are so lazy as a developer that we would never consider updating our zoning, so your modern phones could just use the same sim card that has had telco roaming for more than 10 years.

Over charges on maximum daily rate

J GoT fan
Reverted back to paper parking tickets after app charged more then maximum daily parking rate……..

Please get rid of annoying pop up

Jess Cole
We pay for this service, quite a bit actually, so please get rid of the annoying pop up that appears after you input the code for your parking area. It’s interrupts the flow and makes the interface unusable.

Not so EasyPark. Multinational app support required.

Aislin J
I’ve used this in Australia for a while. Was a happy user. Then I went to Italy. The EasyPark promotion that it is used across Australia & in 2200 locations in Europe is junk. Tried for ages to pay for parking in Desenzano without success. Couldn’t find park based on GPS location. Could type in site reference but couldn’t pay for parking. Had to delete app, reinstall from App Store from link on Italian website. Then it wouldn’t let me create an account as my email was already registered with EasyPark. Had to use a backup Gmail account to create a new account. Wouldn’t let me set it up without a phone number so I used an Italian mobile number from a previous trip. Then the system wanted to text a verification code to a mobile which clearly wasn’t going to work. We were traveling on a data only eSIM so that wouldn’t work - we had no mobile number it wouldn’t accept an Australian number - not that our provider’s roaming was turned on. No option to email it instead. So f@&&ink frustrating.
Wouldn’t work with credit card. Region issue?
Finally got some credit on using PayPal.
Managed to make it work without verification code by logging out everyday & logging back in with password option. Couldn’t do anything else as it wanted the ‘codice fisicale’ which I assume was the texted verification code.
Now back in Australia I have to delete the Italian app & reinstall the Australian app.
Emailing the Italian site asking for assistance was useless. Explained in an email in English we spoke no Italian and got a reply eventually all in Italian. No help on ‘codice fisicale’ issue at all.
What a piece of junk. If you are going to market that your multinational success is an advantage then you better make it work.


parking app guy
One of the worst apps. Never works.


The parking fee is more expensive using this app than when paying at the machine which is dumb. The app routinely has errors and doesn’t work which is also dumb.

Doesn’t work in Europe!!

Mr iChristian
Easypark app from Australian app store doesn’t work in Europe and European Easy Park app is not available in Australian app store. Really, in 2022?? Tag the app with the name of the region in the app store or use same app globally so we can use Easy park while overseas.

Government option please

This app is great if you’re parking as an individual. But it would be better if there was an option for a government or work credit card too. Currently the only option when parking a work car is to queue up in the cold/rain for a ticket or to charge to your own credit card then try & get reimbursed. A tab for work cards would be appreciated.


Worked perfectly for a year until latest update.
Suddenly all my details are gone and it won’t accept my details any more.
Deleted and reinstalled and now it won’t even send the sms to setup the app.

Hopeless app horrible customer service

ms bangs
Firstly after reading all the review responses, your responder to all these reviews is uneducated - idiots we live in Australia not the USA so learn to spell apologise without a Z … someone mustn’t have programmed the bot responded correctly!
I work in the city driving to meetings one day these guys replace a great system called PayStay …the app is always breaking so when you call them their team are arrogant and rude and they are more expensive than PayStay …dodgy app rude people I try to park anywhere to avoid giving these guys any money for doing nothing! Parking on the street should be free!


Have been unable to use the app every time I have needed to use it recently. The first time it wouldn’t let me set up my account, which meant I had to park in another area completely. The next several times I have tried to use it, it won’t load the parking location. I have used this app in the past and it worked. However of recent I have not been able to use it for my parking. Useless and dissatisfied.

Hate this app!

Because of this app, I was given a hefty parking fine!! The app lags and does not give you any easy option to extend your stay at a certain parking lot. You need to re-enter every single detail again - and without specific details like the number of your parking spot, you will cop a fine if you have not made it back to your car in time!
This is so inconvenient when travelling with toddlers and babies! The spinning wheel is also confusing. Just make an easier to use app where you plug in times.


I use this app regularly and it has been flawless every time. I especially live being able to add time without having to return to my car. It's very useful when you have small kids because you're not having to go to and fro between car and ticket machines. I just wish there were more places I could use it

Love the time is almost up reminder

I was able to download the app & enter all of my details without any issues. The reminder that time is almost up is a great feature & saves the stress of rushing back to your car. All councils need to get on board with this type of service.

Charges more then meter price

Not subscribing
I won’t continue using this app, ACT recently changed to using this app for parking but it charges you more then the meter price (10% for casual users, or a lower % if you sign up to their monthly plan). Not worth it, I will just pay at the meter and get the lower price.
I note that the developer has responded to my review that this charge is a ‘convenience’ fee. However prior to cello park buying out the competition I used park mobile in the ACT and they always matched the machine price. This is simply taking advantage of a captive market.

Got a parking ticket app not working

Used the app for the first time today, parked up and used the app at 13:39. Get back to my vehicle and discover I got a parking fine, at 13:40 for not having a ticket, when the app still charged me for the time I had parked.
All my rego details were correct, and I still got charged for the parking ticket I paid for using the app, so I know all my information was entered correctly. Really disappointed, because now I’m going to have to waste my time contacting council, and showing the receipt from the app to prove that I had paid for my time parked through the app.
Really reluctant to use the app again, will go back to using coins and avoid the stress in future.

I've never had to use a physical meter more since this app.

I've had to make an account multiple times, go to park and my license plate has disappeared once I try to add my details a message pops up saying the characters are incorrect... I am unable to press continue, when I know it is my correct details and then have to use the parking meter anyway.
There are lags when you try to start the payment, definitely not an EasyPark.
The spinning wheel is not convenient and just seems like a gimmick, honestly a simple press start to park and then press end once I am back at my car. Tried to extend my stay and would not let me.
Only good thing is the map system to find your correct zone.

Wreaked my day

I have tried the app , calling the phone numbers and all I want to do is pay an extra 2 days stay at Hamilton island
It’s taking forever to download and impossible to get any help on the phone It is not worth paying $120 return trip on a boat just to go and pay for two extra days so I’m telling you now if I get issued a fine I refuse to pay because you’re at and your service is so poor
Can’t even post the review because the name Gail is taking the name not happy is taken just ridiculous

Horrible Customer Service, Limited Payment Options and Lots of information Gaps on App and Website

I tried multiple times to set up my payment information but got repeated error messages (“!” symbol only - no description of what the error related to exactly.)
I looked through the FAQ section on the app, looked at the website and also googled to see if their were any payment method restrictions but found no useful information.
There was also no contact information or means of contacting EasyPark from the app.
I finally called to see if I could get information from the call centre and it turns out they only accept payments via Visa and Matercard, no other suppliers Eg. AmEx.
This information was not contained anywhere and when I brought this up with the operator and suggested they should provide some clarity on the payment section of the app, or at least have the information somewhere on the website etc she proceeded to tell me this was not their problem. When I questioned this response the operator hung up on me.
All in all a pretty disappointing experience.


I downloaded this app as I ended up at a parking spot that required coins or this app only. Setup was quick and easy, but at the credit card section, it didn’t pick up the details from my phone wallet. Had to ring home to have credit card read over the phone to me - whole point of these apps is to allow people to stop carrying money/coins and use their phones exclusively- so linking to phone wallet would be preferable.

Not great - should be better

App doesn’t understand what customers want when parking. Installing and setting up an app isn’t it.
Payment validation is poor, accepts info and later complains its no good.
Supposed to guess how long you’ll be, like who can predict the future? the app isn’t helpful to add extra time if you’re in the middle of treatment that’s running late. You can’t predict in the car park.
Picking the length of time you’re buying is just stupid and unnecessarily opaque.

New version is a disaster

previously a happy user
This app used to be fairly useful but latest version update erased all my data, and now impossible to set up payment, it simply won’t let me add a method, and impossible to add my vehicle number plate as it is convinced that the format is not right for my country (it is).
I tried erasing the app and doing a fresh install, and it’s stuck on the first field, entering the phone number

Great app but some problems

The new launch screen is so annoying with the bottom half of the screen supposed to show nearby parking areas but it always says ’No nearby parking areas found’ so it is completely useless, please go back to the previous launch screen or at least provide a toggle to turn off this pop up.
Also when searching for parking locations the app shows parking locations in different countries which isn’t very helpful. Surely with GPS locations turned on it should only show the current country.

Great app

Been using this app a lot in Perth and is so convenient. Don’t have to walk to the meter to pay. Love that it gives you a reminder when you’re time is running out. !!! Need to expand !!! Great app

Love this app

I Love this app., not having cash on me anymore the app is a god send
The last few times I’ve had to dig for the coins or leave the place because there is nowhere to put the parking space number. I’ve deleted the app a couple of times, hoping it’ll reset but no it hasn’t

Fantastic app

I love this app. It makes for a super easy and stress-free parking experience. I have parking anxiety, and if I’m stuck at an appointment longer than expected, it stresses me out knowing my parking’s about to expire. So I usually end up spending more money than I need to, just to be safe. But with this app I only pay for the time I use, and I don’t get stressed because I can just spin the dial to increase my time if I get delayed. Well done to the devs and the UI & UX designers. It works well, looks great and is super easy to use. THANK YOU very much for this fantastic app. 👏🏻

Field to enter parking bay number vanished

Ken Oath
I was initially quite satisfied with the App but since the last “upgrade” it has deleted the field that allowed me to key the parking bay number manually. This is essential as the App is now telling me there’s no parking available even when I am standing in a street full of empty parking spaces. Lesson one EasyPark. If it’s not broken don’t fix it! The upgrade to “fix bugs” and “improve” the App appears to have stuffed it up.

Got a fine with this app

I parked using this app in Williamstown, Melbourne. Hadn’t used it in ages, went through the whole process 5 mins or more, it connected and I went to an event. Came back to my car to find a fine for $83, when I checked the app it had only connected for 10 minutes then disconnected. It didn’t send me any notification it was disconnecting, turned out I had an expired credit card attached but it connected fine at the time. I wrote to the council there about it and they told me it was my responsibility to follow the instructions of the app -

Location stopped working

After using the app for a short while, the location for parking stopped working and consequently I cannot now use the app. I have tried logging out and in, turning my phone on and off, deleting the app and then reinstalling it. Nothing works. Very frustrating.. local authority gave me a phone number to ring but you can guess what happened to that! Not happy!

Not intuitive

The app does the basic function required - it pays for parking without the need for card or cash.
However the principle action - starting parking - requires you to determine how long you wish to park. It sends reminders when the time is close to expiration however if you miss the reminder, it finalised and unbeknownst to the user, your car is now illegally parked.
The “dial a time” function is also very amateurish and requires the user to Save the setting.
If you chose your parking area and clicked ‘Start’, there would be no mistakes.
This will undoubtedly lead to drivers being fined yet their intention was to be honest.
Fix this fundamental action and the app will be much more friendly and lead to less potential stress.

Convenient and fast BUT

Marc J. C.
This app is a breeze to use but 1 incorrect plate typo had cost me 60 AUD today. Would be 5 stars if they have a car plate scanner option to input the characters and numbers for you.
I realise even credit card payment via fast food apps has this credit card numbers and characters scanning option. Why not easy park? I will be telling people to triple check their plate number.
A picture of your car with BIG bold plate in a text box would be great to avoid of having a mishaps paying for the wrong car on the go. This apply to people with more than 1 car.

Ummm Can’t Download to Use

Avid Film Maven
Well I’m standing next to a terminal in a carpark attempting to download the App and it keeps error coding with “can’t download as no internet connection”. I’m not at home so of course I’m on 4G. Not much of an App if it cannot even be downloaded when you urgently need to park your car and the only method of payment is this App or coins (who carries those anymore?) as the payWave is disconnected. Top experience not.


App isn’t too bad to use.
I had an issue though. I wanted to get my receipts for my parking. So I went in a click the button to receive the receipt and message shown made it seem like the receipt was on its way. I wasn’t getting the receipts. I just went and looked into it further and I didn’t have an email address saved.
This is poor UX. The app should have been letting me know that I didn’t have an email address on file!


Due to limited parking at my campus I sometimes need to use the paid public parking that utilises this app. Unfortunately every time I use it, the app gets stuck on a loading screen before my payment goes through. This is with 4 bars of 4G. Quite the inconvenience for me since I need to go to my lectures, sitting in them and stressing over the fact I can’t pay for parking is annoying.

Waiting to add time

This app has been amazing. However I find it incredibly annoying how after you time runs out you have to wait 10 minutes to redo it. I think that it would be better if you could just get onto the app and adjust the time as needed.

Love it! So convenient!

I love this app - makes paying for parking so convenient! I love that I can estimate how long I need to park for & then adjust while on the go. Saves me money & having to dash back to the car if I need more time! Sure, there’s sometimes buggy bits here & there but on the whole, this has made my life loads easier!

Better than using the meters

This is by far better than using the meters. Tap in your bay number and how long you want and you are good to go. It adds flexibility to your choices and makes parking in Hobart much easier.
!! But can you please change your message when you put out updates. “We have done several bug fixes” is awful English!

Useful but trouble getting receipts

I created and used the EasyPark account exclusively on my work phone during customer visits. This is a useful app and is quite a convenience.
But it keeps showing a “try again later” error when I ask for receipts, which I need for expense claims. Also I parked successively at a location twice, but it didn’t send me the first receipt even though I asked for it to be mailed every time.
Please fix this or I’ll go back to the good old parking meters

Another Spam generator app

No Awards Necessary
Within minutes of installing and setting up an account, I had my first spam SMS telling me I’ve won 5 billion Euro or some such drivel. Had a few more in the one day its been installed since. Congratulations Easypark for such quality work.
Since your data security is so poor, tried to delete my payment data. Can’t. Really? How criminal are you?
So sick of junk development like this. Seriously wish that the actual company owners and developers were jailed for this sort of trash these days.

Great Idea, Simple User Friendly, PAYG Parking

In general good App, works well, few bugs here and there, but great idea, pay only for actual time used, instead of throwing max parking $$ and leaving early, give it a go, no need to use Street side parking machines, only the App & the ground space number to activate ...

App won’t let me complete registration

Every time I attempt to complete registration to park, the app crashes after clicking the link arrow. I’ve tried this on another phone from a family member along with my phone (one iPhone X and one iPhone 8) with the same issue. Please fix ASAP
EDUT: found a work around, go in via settings and complete it through there by adding a new card

App bug can’t find current parking session

Paid for 4hours parking thinking that I could stop the parking once return to the car. It turned out that I could not find my current parking session on the app at all that made me so nervous for the potential to get a fine. Left the parking spot and an hour later, received an notification that my current session would expire in 15mins! Went back into the app and then the current session appeared but I could not locate the spin wheel to stop the parking! Very disappointed and I was overcharged.


The Miester
Tried to reset my password using the app via text message, no text received, even after 3 requests.
Went onto the website tried resetting there via text AND email and both times couldn’t find my account. Created a new account but that didn’t work either because wrong password. What a joke. The system isn’t very complex and the developers still struggle with it. Fire them and get new ones.

Great but could use some additions

Great app, however to make this app even better it would be great to know what the max. parking limit available is at each parking area so when you click a parking area on the map it tells you if it’s only a 2 hour parking limit or an 8 hour parking limit. For workers who need 8 hour parking this would be so handy so we don’t have to drive around looking for them.

Good concept, still buggy

David M Williams
I like the idea of the app, and it is helpful in not having to worry about change, as well as letting me only pay for the time I am parked - that’s a good feature.
Yet, it has only provided a receipt once despite always checking the options, and it also periodically pops up an alert message in a foreign language.
I sent a screenshot of this to the developers and they didn’t acknowledge or reply. Then it happened again after an update so who knows.

Great idea

I love this app, have used a few times now. No more waiting to use the machine to charge my parking. No more having to find coins, no more paying for longer then I’m actually parked for.

So helpful!

I love this app! It makes it so easy for me to just get out of the car, start walking and set my parking time as I walk, so I don’t have to fumble with coins, cards or queues and can extend my parking or shorten as need be!