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Property and real estate search made simple – buy, sell, rent, share

• Search across Australia's largest set of properties for sale, rent or that have sold previously (including auction results and rental history).

• Find properties for sale, house and land packages, off-the-plan apartments, rental properties and rooms for rent

• Save your favourite searches and be notified when matching properties come onto the property market in Australia.

• Smart notifications let you know when something important happens to one of your favourite properties.

• Quick short cuts to your most recent searches.

• Organise your saved properties your own way. When saving properties, create custom Collections to help make your property search experience easier.

• Use our inspection planner to easily manage upcoming auctions or open-for-inspection times.

• See the closest schools for any given property, backed by Government data (ACARA).

• Add your own notes to properties and sync them across your realestate.com.au account.
Explore and research the market

• Understand your numbers with our home loan calculator that includes upfront costs and allows you to save your information so you only have to enter it once.

• Discover how your estimated home loan repayments may impact your budget.

• Search estimated property value and sales histories for any property in Australia.

• Use maps to explore properties in different areas, including your current location. Property available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Canberra and the rest of Australia.

• Set up a property profile to monitor the potential value of your own home.

• Get intelligent suggestions for properties you might like but might not be searching for.
Take that next step (without all the stress!)

• Apply for conditional approval for a home loan within the app – the kind you can use to bid at auction with, or make an offer on the spot.

• Easily contact a real estate agent or broker by phone or email.

• One touch rental applications.
We'd love your help to make our app even better. 
We're constantly out to make our app more awesome, so that you can have the best property experience. If you have any feedback about the app or suggestions for future versions, let us know at customercare@realestate.com.au
Privacy and Legal
We will collect and use your personal information to give you a personalised user experience (e.g. receive saved searches by email) and to promote the services of realestate.com.au and third parties. Our Privacy Policy further explains how we collect, use and disclose personal information and how to access, correct or complain about the handling of personal information. Access our Privacy Policy on: https://about.realestate.com.au/privacy/
Your use of our app is subject to our terms of use, available at https://about.realestate.com.au/terms-use/
Please note: This real estate and property app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

What's New in Version 5.115.1

Track your property in the Property Owner dashboard! You'll get insights and can see similar properties to help you decide if it's time to sell, rent, renovate or refinance. Go to Me -> Track Your Property to get started.
If you have any feedback, please reach out to customercare@realestate.com.au.



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Version 5.110.0
Love the app!
I would love the following improvements:
1. Ability to share a collection and collaborate into one list with your housemates/spouse/whoever
2. Ability to set a location (i.e. your workplace, or the centre of a city) and set a radius so that only properties appear within that distance from that location e.g 10,15 km. If you use the map to search an area you get a long rectangle due to your phone screen (more north and south rather than a square or circular zone.
3. Ability to veto or hide particular suburbs or particular properties so that when you zoom or change search area on the map they don’t keep coming up
4. Having the filter field of ‘backyard’ similar to that of number of bedrooms/bathrooms so you can automatically hide ones that only have balconies or vice versa
Thank you!!


Version 5.107.0
Just because I’d rather not join up the ap is difficult to use.

Works well some extra features would help

Version 5.111.0
App functionally works well, however it would be better if you could filter out "retirement" property types. There are a few suburbs around where I am that have a lot of retirement units and they always come up in searches, I wouldn't think anyone would be searching for both at the same time so the ability to separately search for either these types of properties or exclude them would optimise the usage for both types of people looking for a property. Always having to update to property sorting type for every search is also a bit annoying, I'm sure most people will sort by price, or at least allow us to set a default search type so we don't have to constantly update it if changing a suburb would make the app ideal.

Needs update fast

Version 5.112.0
I either get a code saying error 431 or sometimes error 13… This comes up whenever I do a search, please fix this issue.


Version 5.113.0
Bug in app, every time I chose rental properties comes up as “something went wrong”

Resets to default so many times i go to domain.com.au

Senior card holder
Version 5.109.0
Very frustrating not designed for ipad

Sharehouses needs to be able to be deselected

Version 3.20.1
Can be clunky at times, really needs an option for agents & potential tenants to select or deselect shared accomodation/student housing/shared housing

Why no prices?

Version 5.106.0
Too many listings without any pricing becomes tiring.


Version 3.24.0
Came up with rentals on opening and forces you to register. Data trap app and irrelevant for my needs

What happened?!

Version 3.18.1
For the past few weeks I’ve been unable to use your app. It doesn’t allow searches and comes up with an error - Response status code was unacceptable: 403.
I’m using the latest iPhone update of both phone and the app itself.

Every listing is mislabelled.

Version 5.48.1
When I set my parameters, I omit aged care facilities and then every property ends up being an aged care facility anyway (or student housing that I cannot filter out and I cannot live in if I buy). I don’t get why anyone would look for properties in this app if there’s no way to find a place I could live without being inundated with thousands of irrelevant listings.

No auctions timeline tab

Version 5.2.1
No tab for next auction. And not ordered by time the auction is etc.

Unable to load rentals

Version 3.19.0
Something went wrong. Unable to connect at this time.
This bug has been around for ages and no fix in sight.

Issues when searching multiple suburbs

Version 5.76.0
The app can’t cope when searching across more than 25 suburbs.
Even applying filters to condense the list does not permit searching across 25 suburbs or more.

What have they done

Version 5.115.0
I use this app constantly to assess the market. What happened with the most recent update? The search history went from 10 to 5, if anything it should have gone up not down. Very disappointed.

Phenomenal app

Aaron J D 105
Version 5.52.1
Works so well, makes life so easy!

Extremely limited functionality

Hungry fat
Version 5.3.1
Using the app is so incredibly annoying, because these people in their wisdom have decided to deliberately withhold so many features that are only available on the website.
Basically every single time I want to use the Real Estate app, I end up on my computer. Is this really your intention? Do you really want to keep annoying your customers? Why can’t I look at overall suburb prices and price history and demographics within the app? Why do you make me get up off the lounge and turn on my computer?
Also why do I not have the ability to change or edit my email alerts? It is only possible to delete them entirely or add new ones. Why not have a simple edit button?
You people are supposed to have the best software engineers in Australia. I’m not seeing any evidence of that. All I’m seeing is that every time I open your app, I end up extremely annoyed. I should be able to do every single thing that I am able to do on the website.

Rentals won’t show as a list, only map

Ben Bris
Version 5.13.0
Fix this stupid issue: properties for sale will display in a list, properties for rent show a “something went wrong” error in list, but display in map. I want a list so I can sort

LOVE IT! but please adjust

Neia Bee
Version 5.12.0
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT😍😍😍 BEST HOUSE SEARCHING APPLICATION THAT I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS IN YEARS SO EASY AND SMOOTH LOVE IT! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! I was wondering... before I got the app I used the website but when I got the app I noticed that I didn’t have access to the extra filters the website has, I got the app because I thought it would work better but every time I want to use the extra filters I need to use the website instead. I don’t know if it’s me or something in settings but either way could you please find a way that I would be able to use this extra filters please.
Kind Regards. Neia Bee
P.S. great app keep on the work😁😁😁

Not showing any new rentals

Version 5.0.0
And yet the website does . What the hell is going on?

Never works

Version 5.84.0
App is terrible. It always says I have no internet when I have plenty of data and reception

Saved lists

Version 5.87.0
Would be good if you could share your saved lists not just individual properties


Version 5.92.0
What I find frustrating with this app is you put in your filters and it seems to totally ignore your choices. Example if you put in a price range it shows prices of homes above your budget Why ?
If you tick the ignore sold and under offers again it ignores that and shows you homes sold or under offer Why ? It just wastes my time.


Version 5.93.0
Unuseable, still. It just freezes.


Version 3.25.0
Say no to supporting Murdoch’s empire.

Dude why the heck can’t I look at rentals.. ANYWHERE???

Version 5.4.0
I thought it would have updated by now but for the last 3 weeks I can’t look at any rental properties at all, anywhere in Australia so screw this app I’ll use its competitors. Bye now

Too much clutter

Version 5.11.0
Love the app, very helpful. I do however have a problem searching for property prices when agents put their mobile number in the price, or additional information such as “JUST LISTED” or “AUCTION” (which should be in its own category) It makes it extremely difficult to filter houses based on price. This appears to be a loophole marketing trick for agents to attract attention. but not helpful for consumers and that’s the whole point of this app. It would be ideal if the form was changed to a dollar amount only, restricting agents from entering other info other than a price. Thanks.


Version 3.27.0
Do you need an Account

Have to click ‘search’ when move location

1235$-/ kghvug$%=(
Version 5.34.1
It is vey annoying when you have to click ‘search’ when move location to search properties. This should be automated search and refresh when location changed.
So I didn’t use this app but used website realestate.com.au but It is worse today when the web changed to go backwards that requires to click search button to search properly when location changes.
it is bad user experience, why do you go this backward change?

Works well

Version 5.114.0
App has the same functionality as the website, really handy especially with property alerts

Want to rent alone

Version 5.23.0
Can there pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase be a solo rent option. I have anxiety and depression, and sometimes living with housemates makes me anxious for no reason at all. It wouldn’t even be their fault, it’s just my brain being difficult lol so if this option were available on your app, I’d feel significantly better about getting my hopes up about a prospective living space 😁

Avoid it like the plague

Version 3.21.0
This app is owned by the Murdoch empire and should be avoided by consumers for immense moral and ethical reasons.

Won’t let you sign in or sign up

Version 5.54.0
Won’t let you sign in or sign up

Annoying and difficult to use

Version 5.56.0
I’m searching for a rental property. There’s no obvious menu, button or wizard to ask the basics from which state to properly type etc. This app was better, it was intuitive and simple.. now it’s a mess. I spent 5 minutes then gave up. Tried the competition’s app. Worked. The webpage is better than the app, that’s the best I can say.

Needs more search filters

Version 5.81.0
Too many listings are neglecting to disclose the prices or addresses of properties. Obviously trying to drive people to inquire so the agencies can get your details. There should at least be a way to filter these listings out. If I wanted to see photos of houses without knowing the address or price, I’d do a google image search.
☑️ Show only listings with prices
☑️ Show only listings with addresses

Generally a good app,

Baby D83
Version 5.98.0
It’s a good app, don’t really have much to chose from when looking for properties, unfortunately freezes lately, and restarts... also doesn’t show me all the saved properties... I thought it was my phone but realcommercial.Com.au and domain don’t have the same issues

Advertising tool ... not a real estate guide

Version 5.61.0
Quality of this app is now poor. Lack of control of agents working around app guidelines. App very much set up for agents rather than servicing buyers.
Agents free to advertise out of price bracket and even run online auctions unchecked.

Sale results could be improved

Version 5.82.0
It’s a good app, except when viewing sale results. It’s annoying that when you go back to the menu you have to start at the top of the page and scroll back down the alphabet again.
Also the back buttons are not intuitive and I constantly find that I end up exiting the sale results instead of going back to the start alphabet page.
I also think that you should prioritise properties with sale prices at the top of the list.

Greg Nixon

Version 5.36.0
No response from Enquiries


Version 5.108.0
Emails don’t send !
Applications for rentals fail!
Notifications are slow for searches!
No SOLD option for suburb/area searches!
Settings are not available for notifications on my searches or saved houses etc.
app fails in many ways.

Why allow Price Withheld for auctions?

Version 5.90.0
I don’t understand why the app allows the real estate agent to withhold the price if the house was sold at an auction. It’s a public event and they should be forced to say. I realise that the agents don’t want it as they want me to call them, but the app developers should be on the user side. Not customer friendly if I can’t find out most sold prices.

Can’t read headings

Mrs Mowle
Version 5.2.0
Search function works well and really like being able to save to independent libraries. However, it is extremely frustrating when you can’t read the headline e.g. offers over $ (the rest is cut off).

Real estate

skye 13
Version 5.78.0
The new set up is dreadful and you cannot see anything

This app is hard to use

Halil cecen
This is worst app I have ever used
Can you guys make it more friendly and easy to use
Ps you guys a making a app for yourself to use
And it’s not friendly to use

Quality, does as designed.

I’ve had this app for about 2 weeks and there’s nothing to flaw so far. You can look at properties, add inspection items to your calendar, and copy over agent details to your contact book. Works great for what it does, I see there are more features too which I’ve yet to explore. The design is simple and uncomplicated.

Needs fixing

1. App needs fixing to allow specifics such as pool, currently this is a waste of time as relevant houses include houses with no pool.
2. Also an image section would be good. Eg. pools
3. Also currently houses include vilkas and retirement village properties. Extremely frustrating when a house on a sole title is required.
Please fix

Rent search return no data

karim kazi
Intermittently when search for rental property , I get no data as return

Not bad

Kiwi Markie Mark
Works ok but if the list of suburbs is long you can’t amend it without deleting the whole list

Search results not accurate due to incorrect listings

Needs a ‘report’ button to remove incorrectly listed properties. An example is Agents who list units as houses to gain exposure. Also force agents to put prices up! Otherwise what’s the point of filtering by price?


I’m a vendor hoping to sell my property. Unfortunately very few people can see it despite the $1000s I’ve paid to market the property on your site. My property is in a small pocket and sharing the same post code as a larger suburb. Buyers can’t see it even if they select the large suburb AND surrounding suburbs. Who knew? Don’t use real estate.com if you’re buying or selling. You’ll be wasting your hard earned money. Go elsewhere and Good luck.

Useful but so frustrating

The number of properties that are incorrectly listed is incredibly frustrating and it would be great if there was a report-listing button (or similar) within the app. (Or, maybe have a vetting process for new listings to make sure that they’re properly categorised... And/or have (or enforce) penalties for people continuing to advertise unavailable listings.)
On that note, it might help to have a separate category for car parks (that are often listed as studio or 1-bedroom apartments), student-only accomodation, and land with pre-approved building plans but no actual residence (that is always listed as a house that matches the plans rather than as land).
The function to create customisable groups of saved properties is great until you go online to find that everything is all together into one group.
I’d also like to reiterate other people’s suggestion for a “dismiss” option for properties that you don’t want to see again (maybe unless the listing is modified).

Basic app, lacks detailed search functionality

This app has basic search functionality, you can get an idea about what’s on the market. However if you are looking for a specific type of property, with specific features, the search function and filters don’t help.
You can’t view units on their own; only units and apartments.
You can’t filter for free standing properties.
You can’t filter for accessibility features e.g single storey, no stairs, wheelchair friendly, lifts, etc.
If the app could add these filters in, it would make my life much easier.

Was a great app but update has made it annoying

Love this app for notifying me of properties for sale in my area but after an update the line where Estate Agents put the price does not display the whole line when viewing on an iPhone. So the price would be advertising ‘Offers over $1,... and you can’t see the rest of the line and you can’t click on it either to see what the full price is. Very frustrating as you have no way of knowing and this is really important information you want and you can’t get it easily. Used to be good but not anymore.

Issues with search filters

I don’t know what happened to the app recently, but it completely ignores “do not include surrounding suburbs” function... I turned off surrounding suburbs feature but the app still offers me properties from random suburbs and random bedroom amount (I’ve got min 2 max 3 in filters and it still offers me 4 bedroom homes in suburbs that are even not on my list), that’s very annoying and makes search frustrating as you have to manually filter a lot of irrelevant information. Please fix that!

Why bother you never listen

Bathrooms range like bedroom range needed.
Individual inspection time to be displayed above each individual listing as this would make it far easier when driving around on Saturdays.
Map search doesn’t allow the ability to filter out Exclude Under Contract properties like the list search.
List search auto defaults to Most Relevant but defaulting to Newest to Oldest would be much more sensible as most people who are looking fir a property are constantly checking regularly.
Hope Domain is reading this and takes all these comments on board so we can use Domain more and become less reliant on this monopolist overpriced pour functioning site that doesn’t listen to their users!

Better than Domain

Pizza liza
This is a more useful app than the Domain one which gives too many irrelevant notifications but there are many things that could be improved. The biggest one would be the ability to dismiss certain results. If a house is in the suburb that I am interested in but not what I am after I would like to be able to dismiss it so it stops coming up. At present the only options are note or share. And what is the significance of the map features? There’s no key. I understand star means my favourites but why are some pins red and others grey? As for the suggested feature... you should be able to train it by saying which suggestions you are absolutely not interested in. It’s currently useless because it gives only irrelevant results.

Accidental filter reset

Excellent app, but...I keep resetting my filters by accidentally navigating back home. This happens often when I’m swiping through the map feature—there are times when I unintentionally swipe right while my finger is partly beneath the map, which is apparently the gesture to navigate back to the home screen and reset filters. Am I being lazy holding my phone with one hand and in one position? Maybe. But I’ve already set my filters, started my search, and unlikely to want to navigate back home; everything I need at this point is in reach of my thumb. I wish there was a little more friction involved when leaving this screen as the result of leaving is apparently quite disruptive to my activity. I think the existing “Back” button on the top left corner would suffice.

Disappointed with results

The app doesn't do well for highly specific searches, e.g. if searching for a property that allows pets or with an immovable budget. Almost every alert delivers results that are over budget, 'pets not allowed' or even nothing about pets in the description. Where results have nothing about pets in the description, contacting the advertiser frequently results in a response of 'no pets allowed'. It wastes everyone's time. It would be better to force advertisers to be clear about whether pets are allowed and what kind, e.g. cat only, small dog only, etc. It would also be good to have a toggle on the filters to allow budget to either be flexible for the right property or immovable.

Unable to sort properties

Great app, except when I’m trying to sort there is nothing I seem to be able to click to stop retirement properties coming up!! Absolutely irritates me!! Even when you filter it out in property type they still come up!! I mean what do you have to do to get them to stop coming up?! Just annoying when you think you’ve found something nice and cheap and then it’s over 55’s only or retirement villages.... you guys NEED to fix this bug, I’m sure I’m not the only person getting annoyed by this!

Let Down by Inaccurate Listings

Aussie Razorgirl
The App has recovered from previous bugs, but mostly, this App is let down by the Real Estate Agents that make the listings.
If you create a filter to only see Houses for rent in a specific suburb, your list will be littered with townhouses and appartments.
Either their filters don’t work, or the App allows Real Estate Agents to enter listings with inaccurate classifications.
Maybe if the App let us flag incorrect listings so that the Agents would be pestered into correcting their listings then it would work better. But for now, Apartments are listed as “Houses”, properties that have dishwashers won’t come up in the search because the Agent didn’t tick that checkbox.
One check box the app really needs: “has a yard”. But again, that checkbox will only work if the agents use it. 😫🤦🏻‍♀️😤
But a good App/website design will influence user behaviour and encourage agents to make sure their listing is accurate so that they can get the tenants they’re looking for faster. Which this App seems to lack.
Great idea, let down by poor implementation and/or human laziness.

Home Seeker

The application makes life so much better & easier but the problem is that, responsibilities should extend out to the realty who lease the property on behalf of the owners who rent them out to future tenants to provide information on behalf of the government about capacity requirement in regards to affordability to be accepted as a requirement to live in the property itself so that people in urgent need to find a home to start a life without being inflicted by the costs of not having your own residency at greater the cost rather than enabling them to concentrate on living, this should all be stated so that people can focus on the rent limits putting everyone at the ease rather than running around in circles at the start of they’re journey and at the beginning of a new life.

Will be nice

Love it just should update more information on properties that are sold before action date and more options or notice for customers missed out on same properties that were sold before action date will be nice if realestate can notify if possible people can buy before action if offer are accepted just any sort of update on property so no one gets disappointed waiting on action day then days before see it been sold thanks

Needs some tweaks

Overall it’s a good helpful app, however...
Lately it’s been eating up my iPhone CPU and overheating the phone when I look through my saved properties lists, not sure why
When searching properties in list mode, random properties will show up way later than when originally listed... aka a property listed “17 hours ago” never showed up in search results 16 hours ago etc... so there could be a lot of opportunities missed because of this error
Also, one thing domain app does great that realestate doesn’t have is the ability to “draw your own search radius” in map view... this is an amazing feature when you consider how many small suburbs there are in between major ones that can easily be missed when doing a normal search... again missed opportunities
Having said this, overall it’s very convenient

Developers please focus on functionality over ads!!!

In the last couple of months there are ads all over the app. Given that a seller is charged $1500-$2500 to list for 2 months, I feel the use of ads lowers the quality of the product. The app already has reduced functionality compared to the actual site and now I keep accidentally clicking on ads for McDonalds burgers when I’m trying to buy a house.l!!!
You are generating millions in revenue, can you please mimic the functionality of the site into the app? The app’s functionality hasn’t improved in years despite numerous updates! Please show similar app integrity to Domain. When I’m looking to buy a million dollar house, I am not interested in a Big Mac!!!


Filters are virtually ineffective. Shows too many suburbs, prices, types I AM NOT interested in. This despite using filters to make specific choices - eg search “3+brm house”, but get shown ‘1brm units’! So just clutters search results. And doesn’t let me edit my Saved Search list! So I keep getting notifications of properties I am no linger interested in. And doesn’t let me say No to some nearby suburbs if I want to do a quick search of the region, eg I want to see all available near the city, but am given properties not chosen - even though i used the “exclude surrounding suburbs” filter. Annoying!

Fine, could be better

A little clunky in map view, every time you zoom in the map it resets he search zone. It also only loads a certain number of properties so you’re not seeing all available properties. Needs better filters, to filter things OUT rather than In I.e student housing and furnished apartments (can filter for furnished but not filter unfurnished).
Also, how in the age of Tinder can you not ‘swipe left’ on properties you’ve viewed but are not interested in? I waste a lot of time looking at the same properties I’ve already dismissed. It needs a thumbs up, thumbs down, maybe function.

Great app - improvements possible

I’ve been using this app to search for a new house for the last few months.
I love the new features which show if you have enquires about a property, and that the properties you have viewed are grey on the map view.
I do find that the map view tends not to show all of the properties that are available in the area - it seems quite buggy. You can click “search this location” a few times in the same area and it will display a different number of property dots each time.
It would be great if there was provision to take notes on a property... I have enquired about a lot of properties that have body corporate fees which aren’t listed on the property description- it would be so helpful to be able to record that against each property.
And finally ... can there please be a separate selection for “duplex” ?
There are so many duplexes that are shown when the filter is set to ‘property type - house’ and it’s frustrating when there are duplex-semi detached properties displayed amongst all the houses.
Thanks for a great app!

Good but could be better

This is a great app to search for either a place to buy or rent. You can save your various searches. Currently I use it to monitor properties for my son and his wife and a unit for my daughter. The shortcomings that I see are that: -
- Once you save a search say it is looking for a 2 bed, 1 bath, 1 park unit to $900k but you want to increase it to $950k you do not appear to be able to update your current search, you need to save it as a new one.
- It may have been my fault but I lost one of my searches and had to set it up again.

Extremely useful app but please consider suggestions!

I’ve been using this app a lot and find it very useful. I love the ability to add notes to properties and to get notifications when things change on my selected properties!
A couple of things that would make this a great app is
- if ‘apartment’ was a separate property type instead of apartment/unit, so I could spend more time on the specific type of property I am looking for.
- if I could also grey out properties that I have already seen and decided against. This would also help a lot of time spent on this app.

Okay but lots of room for improvement

Crashes semi-frequently. Wish I could strike properties from my list but still be able to look at them to see if they sold and what for - I am using Collections for this but that screws up my ability to use the inspection calendar properly so end up determining my schedule on paper. Also wish there was more granularity in the search filter for prices above $1m - there's a pretty big difference in someone's ability to pay between $1m and $1.25m for example! More general suburb profile details within the app would also be helpful.

Notifications are no longer working

I receive a notification on the iPhone lock screen but when I go into the mobile app, notification page, the notifications are no longer updating. They have not been updated for nearly 2 weeks and they also disappear from the lock screen notifications so there is no way to see them again. Please fix as I need to know if an inspection has been cancelled or a property I am interested in is under offer/sold.


The website is great however, one big improvement that I would really like to see is a tab so I can enter suburbs that I do not want to look in.
A suburb in Adelaide SA - Mount Barker has many many houses for sale and takes up the vast majority of my search criteria. Meaning I am forever having to scroll past pages of houses in suburbs I do not wish to live in, in order to see the dozen or so houses that are in my interest.
Thank you

House values still incorrect, but otherwise a good app

Another reviewer mentioned this a year ago. The current property values are not accurate and also the app does not accurately reflect the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and garages for particular properties. It seemed more accurate 1-2 years ago. Are you sourcing your historical data from somewhere else which might be outdated?
Perhaps a means to report inaccurate information might be the way to go too. I think you used to have this facility.
Please fix this up or people will look elsewhere for more up to date and accurate information.

Great app except....

The only thing at this point that I don’t like is that the price isn’t the 1st thing displayed.
You have to open the Ad in question just to see the asking price because some of the Ads I’ve seen lately have a lead up sentence, like “offers over...”. By this stage the price is no longer visible, but offer up as “......”.
For most people the price is one of the most important details about a property.

Love this app

It has a choice of how many bedrooms and bathrooms so it should have a Choice of living areas. Also when you have viewed a property and do not line it you should be able to tag it so it doesn’t come up again in your search. I get a tad fed up when I come across the same properties over and over again. Just saying 😍

State wide search please

Great app, easy to use and straightforward.
The only two things that are lacking in my opinion is the inability to do a statewide (or nationwide) search - this is possible on the website and would be wonderful in the app. The second thing is the ability to draw a search zone. I am able to search in a particular area by zooming, but it would be much more convenient if i could draw a shape and ‘lasso’ all properties within that area.

Loom past the photos

Beware the great photos
Great app that saves a lot of legwork but be cautious. That great looking house in the photo will be done from the best angle - omitting the nearby high tension power lines or “toxic waste dump” next door. Use this app with your eyes open and it will be very useful. Google Maps for aerial view seems to give a better closeup view than via this app (revealing a little more detail you might find handy). Would definitely recommend this app.

Was working well but now keeps crashing

Have been using it for many years happily, but since I updated my iOS and the app, it keeps crashing. Uninstalled and installed, still no luck. Please fix it! It has been my fav app, and I still want to use it
- Update: I have updated my iOS to 12 and now it works well. Great app, and great response from app support as well. Thank you, please keep up the good work

Good, but needs improvement

I'm on house hunting mode and sharing my list of houses with my wife is a nightmare as we both have different properties on it. Can we create a shared list?
It would be also great to organise the list by inspection time as this is how we usually know what comes first.
At last, when we open a list and expand the map, we can only see pins, but have no idea which property is that. Would be good to have an indication there.
It's a very stressful period and anything we can do to save time or frustration is great.

Frustrating format

Great app that has most properties listed and easy to navigate. However some suggestions to improve using iPhone :
1. Why does a selected property on the map function centralise? Annoying as the original map area becomes hidden
2. I really don’t need a banner at the bottom of the screen telling me that I have changed the map area. This banner takes up valuable screen space
3. Would be great to show my location as a blue ball.
Thanks Gavin

Pretty good app

It’s basically a good app but doesn’t return the correct search results. Eg selecting a maximum price limit often returns results of properties way above that limit. Also, the selected suburb/s should be listed ahead of any from surrounding areas. A filter to exclude properties that don’t have a price or even a price range listed would be great. I refuse to even look at these and agents would need to be more up front if they knew their listings were being excluded. Information on public transport would be helpful.


Stuff n that
Great app, but can you please stop real estates from putting in properties that dont fit the price bracket you’re searching, and also properties that are not the type of property that you are searching! E.g (town houses when you’re searching for houses). Also could you add an exclude feature so you dont have to continually look through houses that you have already looked at?

Great App but Bad Agents

The app works great and all, but be careful of agents blatantly lying about rental properties. There should be a way of reporting dodgy ads/agents within the app. So far in 2 out of 2 properties i’ve inspected, the descriptions for both properties were outright lies. One described the property as ‘newly renovated’. Well, I’ll eat my hat if the last time this property was renovated was this side of 1960!! The other property said secure storage and bike storage, but there was neither.
Blatant false advertising is wrong and wastes prospective tenants time and money! Please incorporate a system of reporting this activity into the app.

Inspections/Auctions calendar needs improvements

all nicnames are taken
Calendar of scheduled inspections and auctions in the collection is not updating available inspections/auctions as per saved properties in collections. You need to open each property first for the app to register the inspection ... unless you open all your saved properties the calendar will not properly update ... and once you open them all if you close the app the whole calendar is gone so you need to start again

The BEST App!!!

I've only ever given 2 other reviews on apps as most don't warrant my time, but this app is AMAZING!!!
What has made the perfect, world class cherry on top of the cake? Being able to sort all saved properties into 'collections'.
Can't thank whomever thought of doing that enough(it would be the greatest if those collections could be viewed on accounts via pc also !!! 👏🏻🙌🏼👏🏻🙌🏼👏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😍😍❤️❤️

Pretty good but could be better organised

This app is good but it’d be great if it could help u keep organised with
-which properties you had viewed and what you thought (a rating system only u can see). Sometimes you view so many that it gets confusing.
- a link to the realestate agents site to BOOK a viewing not just Enquiries about one. Most agents want you to still book even when a time has been set. It would be much easier if you could do that from the app.
- a tick symbol or a note of some sort to mark that you have contacted the agent already. Sometimes you save properties but don’t have time to contact the agent.
- a system where you could import the viewing time into your calendar.


thy unforgetting
So far this is a good app keeps me up-to-date with properties in my area could have a few more filters in it to help me look for exactly what I want but the filters that are there in place now get me pretty close the only problem is the updates on each property I’m not kept up to date with anything could be fixed that would be the main one I would like to have fixed other than that great site to find a rental although I have not found the perfect one for us yet but I’m sure we will private rentals could be added to the app as I have not seen any private rentals on this app at all overall Pinyan 3 1/2 to 4 stars on keeping me up-to-date with what he’s around to suit me and my family

In many ways a great app. Needs some features.

The search filters are okay, but they still throw up a fair number of false inclusions- for example filtering for 2 bathrooms doesn’t guarantee only properties with at least 2 bathrooms, and price up to eg $550,000 presented some that were $800,000+. It needs a search by address facility, not just by suburb. It would be good to be able to hide properties I’m not interested in from a search, and then order or prioritise the ones in my collection.

Good app

Been using this app to look for rental properties and has never failed us. A good app to begin with. Hopefully the developer can have a “hide” buttons for the property that we are not into so that we see lesser houses. And also allow us to search by address or road name if the list gets long when we want to search that particular property. Easier to manage our search that way. Removed property should be archived and also allow us to see it again when we want to refer what and how does that property looks like. Other than that, it’s perfect. Love the 1form that comes along with it for application of the property and we can keep safely all our documents there. Hoping more Australia and NZ property agencies would allow people to use 1form to apply electronically. Go green guys. Save the trees! :)

More filters would be great

As a buyer, it would be great to have more filters to allow me to setup a very specific search. This could include things like being able to specify an area on a map (rather than a whole suburb), house orientation, keywords (e.g. permaculture, views), accessibility etc. the current filters are too broad, which results in having to trawl through results that aren’t suitable.
As a seller, having direct access to metrics would be great. The real estate agents are clueless.
Allow the owner to modify a listing that an agent has created. It can go to the agent for approval if necessary.

Map Search issues

When looking for sales or rental properties on the mobile app on the “map” search if there are multiple properties at the same address it does not show on the red ballon dot that there are multiple properties unless you click on it. I think it would be great if when zooming in on the mobile app it shows that there are multiple properties in one location.

Great website!

Easy to use, no need to jump from real estate page to real estate page- they’re all here on the one website! Complete with enquirer forms, inspection dates and times, and added directly to your calendar too if you choose. Was so easy to find my next rental home. Hopefully next time I’ll be using it to find my new home to buy!

App crashing with latest app update

Oct 17 updated review Thank you for responding I look forward to using the real estate app again as i enjoy and use it frequently.
Prev review. I have iphone5 with ios 10.3.2 version. Most recent update on oct 15 in ios app store australia is crashing constantly. I cannot even get the first screen i hope all users are affected and not just my iphone5. Tried app developers connection but it only leads to search facility on REA. Can developers advise what is the possible problem?