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Do you want no monthly account fees*, a great interest rate^ and smart money management tools?
Download the brand-new ANZ Plus app to join in minutes and get:
1. ANZ Plus: An everyday account that sorts your spending
2. ANZ Save: A savings account that can help you save
Visit anz.com.au/plus to see if ANZ Plus is right for you.
ANZ Plus
• See where your money goes: See your spending broken down into categories for easier budgeting
• Tag it to track it: Add your own transaction tags to filter and group transactions
• Don’t be caught short: Get predictions for your upcoming bills and subscriptions+
• See when you’re winning: Get a view of money in and out over a selected time
ANZ Save
• Get great interest: with ANZ Save if your balance is under $250,000^. Learn more about our pricing and tiered interest at anz.com.au/plus/pricing
• Set a goal to help you reach it: Set and track up to 99 goals within your ANZ Save account
• Keep your savings on track: Set up regular transfers between your ANZ Plus accounts
• Let the app work it out: Set target dates to find out how much you need to save every week
Security you can bank on
• Verify with Selfie ID: Snap a selfie to confirm it’s really you, not someone trying to open accounts in your name
• ANZ Falcon™ fraud protection: Our trusted anti-fraud protection technology and expert team monitor your accounts 24/7 to keep them safe
• ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee: Be reimbursed for fraudulent card transactions if you tell us promptly and didn't contribute to the loss.
• Your money is protected: By the Australian Government Financial Claims Scheme, up to $250k in total per ANZ account holder
ANZ Plus Coach support
• Get tips to help you spend less and save more: Book workshops or 1-1 sessions, or message securely in-app and a Coach will reply as soon as possible
Stuff you need to know:
• ANZ Plus and Save accounts are exclusive to the ANZ Plus app, you won’t see them in any other ANZ App. They also do not appear in Internet Banking. You also won’t see other ANZ accounts in the new ANZ Plus app.
• Currently ANZ Plus and Save accounts are for Australian individuals 15 and older with a valid Australian or international passport or driver’s licence. 

• ANZ Plus does not yet offer joint accounts. So, for now, you can only open an ANZ Plus and Save account as an individual account holder.
• If ANZ Plus isn’t right for you right now, check out our other ANZ products at anz.com.au
Important Information
When you download the ANZ Plus app and use it a contract is made between you and ANZ on the terms of the ANZ Plus App T&Cs available at anz.com.au/plus (also available to view in-app). You should read them before you download and use the ANZ Plus app. Any advice is general and might not be right for you. The Financial Services Guide, Target Market Determination and ANZ Plus and ANZ Save Accounts T&Cs are available atanz.com.au/plus. You should read them before deciding to apply for or keep these products. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited ABN 11 005 357 522 AFSL 234527
The ANZ Privacy Policy is available at anz.com.au/privacy/centre/policy.
*Transaction fees may apply. See the ANZ Plus and ANZ Save Accounts T&Cs for details of these fees.
^The interest rate that applies to your entire ANZ Save balance may change depending on the daily balance. A lower interest rate will apply across the entire ANZ Save balance if the daily balance is $250,000 or more. Interest rates are subject to change. For more information visit anz.com.au/plus/pricing/#rates.
+The upcoming expenses tool is a general guide only and is based on historical debits to your ANZ Plus account.
By downloading the ANZ Plus app you agree that we may arrange for a commission to be paid to a comparison website provider or other third party if they referred you to ANZ.
™ Falcon is a trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation.
Apple and Apple Pay are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries

What's New in Version 1.0.89

This release brings bug fixes and improvements to our ANZ Plus experience.
We're always updating ANZ Plus so make sure you stay up to date by keeping automatic updates turned on.



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Nice app anz

this is scam ??
Version 1.0.85
You get blocked for using own money stay away you make own purchases when ever they seek is required by anz they lock ur app . Then a 1 hour call if happens on a Friday you can’t use ur own money until Monday . But you can use Apple Pay during this time pointless . Too much annoying things I get it in case of fraud should be a better way of doing this . Not leaving customer with no funds for days or can’t transfer I’m leaving this app

A piece of garbage

Version 1.0.83
Crashes after getting my data. How incompetent, worry that’s it’s not legitimate. Plus no format for iPad. That’s where I do my banking. All very unprofessional.


Version 1.0.72
So I’d like Face ID login ,
Seems anyone can open the anz plus app
No authentication needed … which is worrying.
And please make it easier to select an account to send money to anyone .
Rather than I have to transfer from “holiday account to the card account then …
Set a transfer to the external party ..
Why not make it easier
Press transfer
Select type of transfer
If to external person
Choose account from enter or select saved accounts to send to
Choose amount ..
send ..
Done ..
Just the process it takes is long,
Also I did a external transfer but the transfer came back to me as a “anz deposit “ weird
Please check.
Thank s
Love the app
Love the little savings goals and % ect

Proof of Balance

Version 1.0.79
It would be good if the app could provide proof of balance for both accounts

Poor app

Version 1.0.77
Downloaded the app as I was hooked by the notifications and breaking down your payments into categories etc. But couldn’t even sign in because the system failed to verify my identity. Tried several times with my drivers license AND passport and still failed, even manually. At this point, it’s the app’s fault and I’ve given up and will not attempt to use the app.

Great new app from old-school bank

Na na-moe2
Version 1.0.87
Fantastic savings rate, nice design, love the ANZ Save account! Great to see more of our old-school banks update their products with new-age offerings.

Easy to use

Version 1.0.9
App is very easy to use. Enjoy being able to set up separate savings goals without opening new accounts.
A shame you cannot schedule recurring payments (paying rent manually is a bit risky) but once the standard ANZ services become available this will be great.
Biggest benefit as someone new to Aus was the ability to get my Apple Pay set up as soon as I had the account, not having to wait for the physical card to to arrive in the mail.

Quick and easy!

Version 1.0.56
Start to finish and transfer of funds from ANZ accounts to ANZ Plus was excellent.
Just waiting for PayID coming out soon I hope:)
10 out of 10!

Include other services

Version 1.0.88
I love it all. All that is missing is allowing me to add my super or other ANZ banking services to this app.

Good interest rate

Alexandre G Goncalves
Version 1.0.38
So far so good, very easy to use

Round up feature please

Version 1.0.5
I like the app but it would be great to have a transaction round up for the save account, like what Up has.


Version 1.0.26
Pretty poor for an online only service to have so many issues connecting or submitting information during setup. This is why code is written on computers, and not in crayon.

unable to sign into account

Version 1.0.25
Upon downloading the app, it prompted me to enter my ANZ access pin, which i’ve never heard of or even have. I tried calling ANZ support but they couldn’t help me and said “they weren’t trained”
When I press ‘forgot pin’ it says ‘Something went wrong, try again or come back later’

Bad app

Version 1.0.74
No balance for each transaction.


Version 1.0.78
The app keeps freezing. ANZ can't help and I'm a customer!!!

This app is a Scam by ANZ: Read T&C

Version 1.0.24
This app is a legit organisational scam (fooling customers), they have gone all in for self benefits but at what cost? For basic use of the account there is a fee and the credit card usage there is a fee. I’m better off with a normal account than using this ripoff version.

A Plus App

Version 1.0.71
Very user friendly, simple but effective GUI. Good to see ANZ embracing modern tech but i hope this doesn’t mean more traditional ANZ branch closures as more customers bank online/via apps.
One suggestion for the high interest earning accounts it would be good to see the displayed interest accumulated over the month and year so users can manage their balances to always be in the bonus interest zone, and for tax purposes.

Log off

Version 1.0.7
I’ve messaged following searching how to log off and there doesn’t appear to have that feature. There’s a couple of other user improvements which would be good though can’t think atm.

Customer service non existent. App interweave cool. Concept confusing

Version 1.0.14
Hands down the worst customer service I’ve ever come across. App interface looks cool, but why on earth is nothing integrated with the rest of my ANZ accounts. The whole concept is just confusing. No idea what this is all about.

Great App

Version 1.0.19
Great App, but would prefer that in the Transfer page all the goals are sorted under an overarching ‘Goals’ tab under the main accounts, rather than being listed all underneath.

Favourite banking app

Di Overton
Version 1.0.47
Love it.
Have recommended to all my friends.
So easy to use.
Will become my only bank eventually.

It’s alright. I want the same features in the OG app.

Version 1.0.43
1. Sign up was easy for me, if you have bad lighting it wont accept your ID. You can tell lot of your customers are not good with tech if they can’t get passed the first step… so I think you may need to add another option to the sign up process to accomodate those people.
2. I have always banked with ANZ and love how different this app is to the original. I love the UI, designs, expense tracking, notifications and the savings accounts. Unfortunately I can’t see myself using it long term as majority of my accounts are in the original app/ internet banking and it would be too much of a hassle to move over my savings. I don’t like how the accounts are app exclusive and how I can’t see it on internet banking.
3. I would love these exact same features in the OG app. I really hope ANZ implements these exact features into the existing og app in the future.

Returning Customers

Jaiden Cooke
Version 1.0.63
Seems like a good app, but should add the ability if you have closed your ANZ Plus account to be able to reopen a account

Nice app

Peter Mount
Version 1.0.80
My only concern is I haven’t found a way to log out of the app. Other banking apps log out when you close them, this one doesn’t and I’d like to see that fixed. I don’t want my banking app logged in all the time, not good for security.
Apart from that, this app shows promise and I look forward to seeing future updates.

Not happy

by 100% honesty
Version 1.0.51
I have try to registered 5 times doing everything correctly as I’m an excising ANZ customer , but with no success.
Further, no one from ANZ to assist as suggested.
ANZ development team obviously manage the build and launch very poorly as at the end of the day it’s all about 3 things, customer service, experience and conversation.
You delivered non of these .
I would advise ANZ take the app off air.
Fix all the bugs and re launch when it works 100%
0 out of 5 stars

Missing basic features

Version 1.0.30
This could be a great app, however, it is missing some very basic features such as PayID (apart from paying someone else) and scheduling transfers to other accounts outside the app. These features have been noted as “coming soon” for months now.

What. Rubbish

Version 1.0.2
I have tried to upload my license and passport and it claims my info is not good enough. What the Hell….
If I have to battle like this then stick it I will not bother 😡😡


Reviews woo
Version 1.0.35
Halfway through signup, completing the tax information: “sorry unavailable, please try again later.”
Updated the app hoping for a bug fix, now the whole app doesn’t work.
Considering I just agreed to the T&Cs and am now effectively in limbo, no idea what my legal obligations are now and hoping this is fixed quickly.

Waste of 48hours

Version 1.0.45
I am an existing longtime customer of ANZ,
Saw the ad on TV and notice the button on the ANZ banking app.
So I downloaded this app installed it scanned my government issued photo card a legally issued form of identification.
48hrs I get told sorry you can’t join without a passport or drivers license.
That’s discrimination.
So now I’ll take my nearly 90k in super and my two bank accounts held with ANZ elsewhere.
I have had my time wasted and I have never had a bank treat me like this ever.

Not cool

Version 1.0.65
Guys the app is cooked. I was happy with the first couple of months but now I can’t access my account and the app is full of problems. Support is also very hard to access and very delayed response times. Love the concept, but the big dogs need to invest in real time online support staff and app development.

Please add PayID creation feature

Version 1.0.61
all rest great


Chris Asimopoulos
Version 1.0.50
It has the potential to be an amazing product. I’m surprised they’re not ahead of the game with Neo Banking considering ANZ was the first bank in Australia to make an app for the iPhone back in late 2000’s. ANZ we need the following at the very least
-Pay ID
-Scheduled payments
-Upcoming payments (let us schedule our own instead of you predicting them) Take notes from Up Bank!
-Total Balance net position instead of two seperate pages

Very promising app, with room to improve

Version 1.0.20
I only discovered ANZ Plus a few days ago but I'm already really liking the simplicity and lpw-frills approach of the app, combined with a really attractive saver rate.
There is a bug I've been able to consistently reproduce though. I use a third party keyboard (SwiftKey), and when trying to customise a savings goal, the keyboard goes a bit berserk when the app prompts me to choose an emoji. Also, selecting the "Theme" toggle makes the app crash every time

Can’t Setup Account If New Australian Resident Or Returning From Overseas

Version 1.0.3
I’ve recently returned to Australia from living overseas, but when entering my previous address there is no ‘country’ option, therefore I can’t enter my previous address to complete my application. It’s a bit of a glaring omission by the ANZ developers of you ask me!

good app, but still need more features

Version 1.0.46
For example, I really need the feature to order a bank statement at any time.

okay app

Version 1.0.64
i loved the idea of the app but was disappointed to find out there was only 3 ways to prove your identity is there any chance you can add extra like a photo ID? some of us don’t have the recourses or money to get a passport ect


Version 1.0.57
I could not tell if this new app/accounts permit
1. Scheduled payments
2. Recurring payments
3. Virtual Visa cards for use online
‘App Support’ took me to a page with no help.

A dud

Version 1.0.58
Went through entire registration process then the app wouldn’t work, had to scan personal data, left wondering if it’s a scam, re installing, hopefully can change my mind

Fantastic app

Everything is so polished in this app and has great features, only thing I would suggest is please in the near future be able to merge ANZ bank accounts as i currently have other accounts on the old app and would be much easier if the accounts were able to merge rather than have to transfer everything


Tony Bingus
Easiest and most efficient banking app I’ve ever used. Being able to create and manage my savings goals has been a lifesaver!!

Not worth making a new bank account for a new app

With all due respect I think it is very unnecessary that you need to make an entire new bank account with the new app. I am an ANZ customer and use the ANZ app for all my banking and the one thing that it’s missing is a feature that notifies you when money comes in and out. ANZ plus has this feature, but it is not worth making a whole new bank account just for this feature. Please implement a way to merge accounts or add notification system to the older app.

Fantastic app

I don’t know why so many people are complaining that it doesn’t work or its slow. works perfectly on my iPhone 8 Plus.


Excited to set it up ….. but apparently I don’t exist. Entered everything required and waited but I was unabled to be recognised even though I’m an existing ANZ customer. Checked after waiting a few hours after initial set up and alas had to go back to the beginning and start all over again. Repeated this 6 times with the same result. Extremely unprofessional and full of flaws so into the bin with this app. If your going to launch something new like this make sure you get it right before releasing it. Pity there was no 0 star option to give !

Slow and terrible

Compared to the market I would much rather go with Commonwealth bank or Suncorp bank just to name a few much better then this slow app. Personally I will never use again. 1/10

ios15 or later

Not friendly to old model or version of iphone which are ios 14 or below. What a joke.

Not working, take ages to opening a account

viv Hs
I downloaded it last month or longer, still have actually use it…. Already get into the steps for application, fill in all my details, took face photo to identify as well. But as long as I moving to next step the system will showed sorry system unavailable, I tried again few hours later.. a day later.. two days later.. somehow system working. So I took next step and when I finished the new step, again showed system unavailable… so I repeated and repeated and repeated… still now today system unavailable again..

Can’t submit ID frustrating!

Error message when submitting scanned id. Tried closing and opening the app.. no difference. What good is the app when you can’t even register?

Need to provide passport and photos on sign up

I don’t have a passport or driver license, that means I can’t use the app. Looks like I will just use Safari to access internet banking

Face ID doesn’t work.. Out of the box

Finally an update that’s supposed to have Face ID included… -_-
After updating and turning it on.. It doesn’t work! It literally does nothing. I tried closing the app and starting it again and it just straight into the app without any added security!! Please fix

ANZ Plus - love it !

The new ANZ Plus product and app. My thoughts - Fresh look & feel
- Easy to drive
- Onboard tools to communicate with ANZ
- Communications to ANZ are answered quickly
- Savings rates are highly competitive
- Well done ANZ 👍🏽👍🏽
- Thank you

Need to fixed face id or passcode verification

Everything good in this app but face id is not working . App open with out any verification which is scary. I turn on my face id and passcode but still app open without any permission. Anyone can open this app and misuse it any time . We need this app to be secure if we are putting money in it.

Great banking experience

Just signed up to ANZ Plus and for me the onboarding process was quick and easy. I really like the design and functionality of the app and the savings interest rate is competitive with no hoops to jump through. Spending and tracking insights are great and very accurate so far. Instant Apple Pay is awesome. I’ll give 5 stars when the following happens: set up your own PayID, scheduled payments, and a method of adding contacts to your list without having to pay them first. A real bonus would be the dropping of ATM and international fees just like ING and Up, would put this into line with them. I will definitely be banking with ANZ Plus in anticipation of bigger and better features down the track! Very impressed 👍

Registration issues

Will Marlborough
Everything about ANZ Plus is extremely appealing. With that said, I’ve had issues signing up being prompted with “Have we met you before?”, I was told this issue would be fixed and I would receive a message to make me aware - I never received any response after 10 days of being told to wait. I’m hoping this issue gets resolved.

Great but still room for improvement

Really loving how easy it was to sign up and get started. The UI is well designed and the application performance is great.
A few areas to improve:
Had to figure out how to associate tax file number. Should be part of the setup process
Highly needs biometric authentication! It should really should have been a feature included from the first release

Mostly good app experience with a couple of deal-breaker flaws.

The initial setup process was very smooth and the app itself seems to be quite polished and simple to use. However there are a couple of major flaws. Firstly, there is no way to manually log out of the app. You have to force close it, which many people don’t even know how to do, and wait for it to time out. This makes me very nervous from a security perspective. Second, there’s no way to run the app on both your phone and iPad; only one device can be registered. All my other banking apps are on both devices and I prefer to use my iPad for banking when at home, and my phone when out and about. Although the interest rates on offer here are very good, I will not be putting any significant amount of money in my account until the above issues are resolved.

Great uni but No widget balance view

Great app the ui is well thought out! Only gripe with this app is that the main ANZ app has a today view widget but this new app doesn’t have this feature would love to see it!
** Update **
ANZ has responded saying this feature is in testing. We love to see it when devs respond to request 👏👏👏

Polished app. Could use some minor tweaks.

Sign up was quick and easy. After filling out some details, providing images of either my license or passport and a quick selfie my account was authorised within a couple of hours. Pretty good considering it was a public holiday.
The only downside here was that I was never prompted to verify my email or enter my tax file number. I had to do this myself later after finding it within the settings. This should be at least prompted during or shortly after the sign-up process.
I would also like to see that the app requires or has the option for users with quick log-in disabled to re-enter the pin when exiting the app to the home screen (without quitting it) and opening it again. Considering users with this feature disabled are likely concerned about security, this would be a nice piece-of-mind feature in case any forget to quit the app, even if it is just added as an option (e.g. auto-lock after [selected] minutes). I imagine in future when biometric ID is added, this would be on by default as it is hassle-free.
Nevertheless, love the UI and sleek animations within the app, it looks very polished. While biometric ID and PayID are not yet available, I can tell the ANZ team have stayed true in their promise to make improvements, as many of the issues and bugs other reviews have reported seem to be resolved so hopefully these features are added soon.

Great design and it consistently works.

The real time notifications feature is really handy. A new & different finance app from a big bank with ‘no monthly fees’ definitely caught my eye. Useful functions seem to be added quite often and all payments I’ve made since switching to this app a few months ago have worked instantly. I also love the interest rate you earn! Especially as it has almost no ‘conditions’ that must be met and is NOT an ‘introductory rate.’
- I’m keen for the scheduled transfers function to arrive. I asked about it and was informed it’s absolutely in the plan and will be added soon.
- And the different emojis on offer for each goal saver, so cool!

Good way to save with an online account

Simple to open, but not instant. Most issue are just getting used to software. It looks to me like earlier bugs in software have been resolved.
Interest rate is a good reason to use this product. 3% now. Having gone up with RBA increases. (If not full 1/2%s)
Not yet fully feature rich. But built on continuing improvement model. Most features are inbuilt & automatic. They do what is needed.
Monthly statements. Spend reporting. Game model for budgeting and saving. I recommend for individuals with a Driver’s License or Passport, and wish to budget and save.

Not fit for purpose

I downloaded this app several weeks ago and it has not met my expectation. It was firstly slow to set up (though not rediculous) but needs manual entry as the card scanner did not work. There is no log out feature so you have to set it to, not auto log in and then swipe the app to close it. I prefer secure log out and don’t like to rely on the timer.
There are currently serious limitations on withdrawing funds, and it took 4 days to get a response to my enquiry. ANZ have not got sufficient resourcing for timely response in app which is the only way they say you can get service although they did say that there was an alternative for urgent issues.
I can not figure out for the life of me how this app is supposed to be game changing. I opened up Ubank at the same time and it has been seamless in comparison and much nicer interface and user friendly and communicated rate increase intentions within days whilst it’s still not appeared in the ANZ Plus app. ANZ are going to have to really lift their game to make this seriously competitive. It’s certainly put me off taking a mortgage out with them if it’s reliant on this app.

Great! Except I can’t use for my Home Loan.

Juanita Kratzer
Just bought a unit and get finance through ANZ bank so they asked me to open an account with them. Downloaded this new app and thought it was all sorted but this app is not compatible for home loans…
The app itself is great and very user friendly. I will change my rating to 5 stars once ANZ completely get with the times and let me use this account for my home loan instead of expecting me to go into a physical bank and open an account for my home loan there.

Not able to sign up

I was super excited to see the interface of the app, the interest rates on the savings accounts, and the possibility to have all your savings on one savings account but different goals inside (getting rid of the need of having a few different savings accounts). Unfortunately After deciding I wanted to move from CommBank to ANZ due to this app, it was very disappointing to see that you can only sign up if you have an Australian Passport, or an Australian drivers license. There is no option to sign up with a foreign passport or document.

Perfect flexibility

Colossal Dosal
The app is from what I can see and do is borderline flawless. The multi-‘bucket’ savings account is a massive inclusion, to be able to generate interest across all of the accounts combined into 1 to consolidate all those savings goals is such a huge feature.
Only thing holding me back from a 5 star rating is not being able to open joint accounts. Please add this feature ASAP!

Very limited support

Just signed up and had questions about limits not clearly covered in FAQs. Coaches are not live messaging and only respond between 9-5 M-F. I sent a message and no response after 4+ hours which means I have to wait until Monday (if I’m lucky). This doesn’t bode well for any future issues. How can you have an app only service with help only available 8 hours 5 days per week and even then no response or indication of when you’ll hear back?

Ticks just about every box

Very attractive and easy-to-use interface. Everything is within one or two clicks, and the accessibility to online coaches in a chat-room setting is convenient and inviting. Flexibility in customising savings goals is also a good bonus.
My only criticism is that you can’t set up recurring payments to personal accounts with other institutions. I feel as though this is a very in-demand feature, and is the only missing piece in the ANZ Plus puzzle. If it had this feature, I would give it 5/5.

Impressive App

Very impressed so far with this app that is presently giving a good interest rate on savings without overarching conditions. The developers are obviously great at listening and have addressed earlier concerns.
I look forward to future additions that will surely bring more people onboard.

Blew my mind

To begin with, the onboarding was so fast that I wasn’t even sure what was going on. 2 mins and bam, accounts created. The card is sick!!! Very next gen. I always loved the ANZ color theme, but this is next level. The goals under savings is really helping me manage my funds. I used to collect funds in jars for real and now that can be done virtually. Cool animations too. Very smooth transitions between screens and tabs. Waiting for the face ID feature. Quick login is a new thing.

Updated to 5 Stars!! Great Support! Thank you

Update: There is actually a number for support and the staff there were very courteous and professional. Thank you for fixing the bug. I have now been able to complete the joining process and am very happy indeed!!! :)
Also really appreciate the support team calling me back afterwards to check that everything worked for me. Great customer service & support.
Just one bit of feedback for the developers. The OCR part of scanning the licence doesn’t work at the moment, so all the licence details have to be inputted by the user manually after the scan. (Not the end of the world but something to work on)

Great concept but with struggles

I love the idea of a reasonably attractive savings interest rate on offer without having to jump through annoying hoops (no card transaction requirements is a big plus). However, it was probably the most difficult bank sign-up process I’ve ever encountered and I’ve tried over 10 different popular banks in Australia. Having to scan your ID and take a selfie is intrusive enough, but then there were a bunch of IT issues on top of that leading me to take 20+ photos and none of them worked. I went back a few hours later and finally managed to get it set up but it was a struggle and really needs improving - I would prefer to enter my licence number and have it cross-referenced using the usual ID checking systems. Lastly, while the app is well-designed, intuitive and responsive, it is missing key features such as Face ID for easy secure login and Pay ID for convenient instant transfers (though Osko is available which is good). I would still recommend the app/accounts if you are patient enough for some hassles, but would love to see the improvements to turn this into a good hassle-free experience.

ANZ Plus from regular ANZ account

I switched to ANZ Plus from a regular ANZ everyday account after seeing an ad on the ANZ website and it’s been amazing! It’d be great if there was a website version, but I find nowadays I’m using my phone for most of my banking anyway so it’s not such a big deal. Overall great product!

Good start

This app is a good start, and I really like the UI. There’s a just a few things I need before I can use it as my main account. Transaction categories are great but I need the ability to change the category. Tagging transactions is not the same- I like the way you can view your overall spending but it’s basically useless without the ability to change them. Other products offer this ability.
The ability to bpay is also critical.
With a bit of time this will be a great product but it’s not quite there yet.

A superbly designed app and interface!

Well done ANZx Team! Absolutely love the new app, and have shifted fully now across to it from my regular Access Advantage accounts. The key features that won me over are: Notifications, Spend Categories, Upcoming Payment Predictions! I’m keenly waiting for BPAY now, as well as biometrics, and once these are there, it will be a very compelling solution for anyone in my opinion.
As someone who works in software, things take time, and get better gradually. It’s all about patience and constructive feedback! Keep up the great work team!


Even better App
Just downloaded the App, signed up, very smooth efficient process. My only major concern is logging on and off. Most Apps will generally timeout and automatically log off the user or the user can select the correct, easily displayed, conveniently located, log off option. Try as I may I cannot find it. I have searched online and as far as I can see the only option available on an IOS platform is the timeout method, which is meant to occur after 3 minutes of inactivity. So far absolutely no luck, unfortunately, this leaves the App completely accessible and vulnerable to misuse.
Follow up:
I spoke to an ANZ coach, very helpful. Unfortunately, in my opinion there is definitely an design flaw with an otherwise, excellent start, ANZ Plus App when it comes to the Apple IOS 15.5 operating system.
Even with the “Quick login” option turned off the App still remains active, open, after use. It appears the only way to ensure that the App is closed, logged out, is to double click on the Home button and to swipe the still active App, not a very satisfactory solution in my opinion, as every other App does not require this much effort. Hopefully the developers will incorporate an traditional Logout option somewhere inside the App.

This app is not moderb at all

This app looka like a product from at least 10 years ago. Graphics and UI look so outdated. Buttons are in many different shapes, sizes and colors for no reason. Some fonts are too small to see. Both UBank and Up are killing this in terms of the user interface.
Message takes at least 10 seconds to open up.
There is a long way to go for this app. At the moment, it just doesn't feel like a complete product.

18 plus ID

Hiii my license has recently expired so I’m not able to open an account yet. but in the future would you be able to add other ways to confirm identity’s because at the moment I only have a 18 plus card as a form of identification

Really excited for what’s to Come!

It’s still in early days but it looks really promising! I’m really looking forward to what features get added along the way. The design is great and is more “inline” with what the other banks offer. Not to mention that setup is really fast and easy. Can’t wait to eventually migrate my existing ANZ accounts to here!


The best app from a big bank so far. You can tell it’s still early days but new features are coming out all the time.
Onboarding was crazy quick and easy! The interface itself is nice and clean. Can create multiple savings goals instantly. Exciting.

Awesome app but not there yet

I love this app! The layout and how it shows transactions, and overall design, is awesome! Which bums me out because it’s missing a couple of prerequisite features. I could probably use my other bank for bPay transactions but without PayID I can’t even transfer between the two instantly to facilitate that. Hope these features come real soon! 😊

Great App for the features currently include

I am very pleased with the app so far and look forward to see what ANZ will do next to the app.
PayID would be great hope you release it soon with this app and it will nearly be complete.
And other features are needed but I will wait and see what you do in the next 6 months but I will be using this app as my main bank account for the next 6 months as soon as my new card arrives in the mail and look forward to it.

Super easy and love payment notifications

Was super easy to open an account. The card arrive this week and I love the notifications each time money comes in and goes out of my account. Makes it so much more secure and easy to keep track of things. Not having to pay $5 each month is a super bonus as well. Highly recommended.

Wow - the best app from a big bank 👍

Wow this app is functional, fast, secure and beautiful. I have used a lot of banking and payment apps. Most of them are boring, limited and slow. Some of them are downright awful. This is the first app from a major bank that is modern, fast, secure and so well designed. Opening an account was so simple and I love the no fees, no gimicks, high interest. Needs BPay and higher payment limits but let’s hope them come soon.

Great start!

A new chapter for ANZ! Whilst the app is still limited, what I see so far is promising. I like that one of the big 4 banks are finally learning from the neo banks. I hope that Apple Pay, PayID, FaceID/TouchID and shared bank accounts will come out soon. Only then would I consider using it as my primary account. Request to the ANZ team: make international payments free like other banks such as Macquarie Bank, Up Bank and others.

Is this an early beta? An app for the sake of an announcement

Gosh this is a disappointing app! The interface is nice enough but the App is so feature-poor. I can’t use BPay and I can’t see or interact with my other ANZ Accounts. I can’t use PAYid. I can’t use Apple pay. Onboarding was easy enough but really only lets you open new accounts but not access or use existing finances.
Looks to me like a product release for the sake of making an announcement, a version 0.5. I’d give it zero stars if I could.
ANZ should probably have just enhanced the existing app. I’ll stick with the old one till this app actually does something that I want from a banking app.

Yes to payment notifications!

Finally an app with notifications! I usually bank with ANZ but the fact that ANZ PLUS has notifications has convinced me to almost swap across. Only barrier stopping me from switching across is no PAYID but I can see that the feature is on its way and I’m looking forward to it! Unable to add card to Apple Pay without the physical card so still waiting for it to arrive so I can start using my plus account. Also loving the UI and the design of the app!
Update: Received my card in the post so I’ve linked it up the Apple Pay. I’ve just realised that you cannot make automatic/recurring payments to other bank accounts outside of your ANZ plus/savings account. Hopefully that will be available soon along with being able to use FaceID to login.

Well done ANZ Plus

What a great app! Extremely easy to set up an account, the features look fantastic and the design is so modern and simple. Love the chat feature too, it just adds an element of personalisation that I haven’t seen anywhere else.
Huge step in customer experience from all other banking apps. Well done ANZ plus!

Scanning problematic but eventually got it to work

I am not sure why, as an existing ANZ customer, I need to send my driving license when I already have the ANZ banking app installed. This was very difficult to do as the lighting needs to be really well suited to get it to work. I did finally get it to work but a backup to the scanning is needed.

Room for improvement 😇

Gin n Tonic 7
Onboarding was super fast, then again,I believe the tech is still in its early development stages..
I would have loved to have the ability to add the card to the wallet at the same phase the account became available; because I NEVER carry a physical card.
Despite opening an account out of excitement, I don’t see myself using this account until there’s much more user friendly options become available, as it is quite inconvenient to have to go in to 2 seperate apps in the same bank because you are my primary bank and I have all the accounts under the Sun with you guys.
love the thought process and expecting to see great developments soon in the near future..
Good work guys and best wishes!

Excellent app

This app is everything that the promotional material showed it would. The apps interface is aesthetically pleasing and the saving segregation features are easy and intuitive to set up. While I will continue to test and use ANZ Plus, I must ask:
1 - How does ANZ Plus differ from my ANZ account which I currently have?
2 - I haven’t received my card as of yet, so can I add my card to apple pay?

Absolutely delightful 🤩🤩

Couldn’t believe that I became an ANZ customer just under 4 min. The onboarding was so smooth and swift. Transferred funds from other bank to this straightaway and worked like a charm. For a test sent money to another bank account and it was very lucid and intuitive experience in payments.
Also a great thing that they are providing one of the best internet rates on savings account. So why do I bother keeping my money elsewhere, I would do banking right here and watch my savings grow. And I want to create a goal eventually to save towards 🏡
A really happy ANZ customer I’m.